How to Stay Fresh on Long Trips in Uganda

In the world of travel, Africa is known for safari trips. In a common language, safari trips are expeditions that commands for traveling for long distances and staying there for some days. The long trips in Uganda normally involve getting to the national parks which are located in the remote areas of the country.

Therefore, engaging in these travel expeditions sometimes your hygiene and body freshness is comprised in some way or the other since most of the times you are on the road which are most times dusty.  One of the most discomfort moment one might ever get is not being fresh. When you are not fresh enough you feel out of order both physically and emotionally. This can even ruin your trip since traveling requires a person to be in his/her best mood of life.

In order to avoid ruing your trip in Uganda due to your body discomfort, here are some tip on how to stay fresh on long trips in Uganda:

Wear light or athletic clothes

Uganda is a tropical country straddled by the equators which means that it receives and sun and rain throughout the year. It experiences an average temperature of 26⁰C in year which makes it a hot country. This is why most travel tips in Uganda indicate that you have to travel with one layer clothes or athletic clothes. Such kind of garments allow some aeration and somehow minimize the over sweating of the body thus keeping one fresh on the trip.

Avoid heavy perfume or cologne

When traveling on a long trip, bathing becomes very minimal. So the body will not be at its best freshness and when the body is not at its best freshness, it is not commendable to apply heavy perfumes or colognes. This is because body irritation will increase and more so one developing an obnoxious odor. It is advisable to use a deodorant which is anti-precipitant and light.

Furthermore, you should also carry moisturized wipes since they can relatively cool down the body if it gets some irritations.

Indulge in hygiene whenever you can

It is at times hard to get involved in bathing while on a long trip. But when you get a chance like relaxing at your lodge, please try as much as possible to get a shower. There is no better body refreshing mechanism like watering your body.

It is very hard to stay fresh on a long trip but the above tips are really lifesavers if put into consideration.



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