What To Do When Car Overheats? Car Rental Tips

Car overheats is a very common problem in Africa (Uganda) because of the hot weather we experience and old vehicles that we drive.  Over heart of a car is a very challenging and disturbing problem as this may result into the engine failure of the car or even explosion of it. It must be addressed immediately if detected.

Many people hire cars in Uganda for self drive safari but don’t know what to do when the car overheats. This problem is likely to offer to very many travellers who hire cars to visit places like the national park due to the fact the national parks in Uganda are located in the far remote areas. Henceforth driving a long distance, the car is likely to heat at any time if precautions are not undertaken.

We bring to you remedies to use when the car overheats;

Turn the air conditioner off

Every system in the car is attached to the engine so when you realize that the car is overheating immediately turn off the air conditioner system since it regulates temperature. Let the car operate on the usual temperature around it. By also taking off the air conditioner, the engine is relived of the loads of work it is doing. You should open the windows to hasten the process.

Switch on The Heater And Blower

If the heating persist after switching off the air conditioner then turn on the heater and the blower. It looks weird but this normally allows the heat to get away from the engine to inside the car. It will get hotter inside the car but it will save your engine from blowing out.

Burn The Engine While In Idle

This is also another creepy decision but it works as well. When the temperatures of the car raise while in traffic, get the gear into park or neutral and press the gas pedal slowly.  This act speeds up the fun and the water pump, pulling more air and water through the radiator. Both the water and air circulation aid the cooling off the engine.

Stop Driving And Wait

It is best to stop driving the car and park it in a safe place if you detect the engine is about to boil over. Open the bonnet of the car but don’t open the radiator cap since the coolant or water in it is very hot and might get on to your hands thus burning you up. Wait till for some good time and pour water if you want the engine to get back to the normal temperatures.

Precaution tips

Why would you wait for the car to start heating up and then come up with remedies to stop. It is best for you to try to come up with measures to avoid it from overheating.

First the traveller must make sure that the car is serviced well. It has all the necessary fluids for example oil, hydraulic fluid, coolant and water

The driver should always check the coolant or water levels in the radiator regularly especially those on a self drive safari. Long distances normally burn out the water in the radiator.

While driving the car for long distances, ensure that you have some stop overs after every 100kms. With the stop over, the engines gets some relive from burning.



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