6 Road Offences to Avoid While Driving in Uganda

Nowadays most tourists who come to Uganda wish to drive on their own to visit the various tourism destinations. However, many of these tourists are foreign to the lands of Uganda and therefore some of the road rules and policies are unfamiliar to them. Many of them have been convicted by the traffic officers for road offences, they clearly do not know about.

We found out the missing gap that many of these foreign travelers we rent cars in Uganda sometimes are not aware that they are making offences on the road. So as a traveler, we bring to you the most common Road Offences to Avoid While Driving in Uganda

Not fastening your belt while driving; This is a common habit among drivers, they tend to forget to fasten their belts. Fastening the belt is not only done for the sake of avoid a road offence . It is also a good driving deed as the belt protects from hitting the sterling or windscreen in case of an accident. Thus sometimes saving from getting severe inquiries. Anyone caught by the traffic officer without fastening his/her seat belt is given a fine of around ugx 10000shs.

Over speeding in settlements/urban areas; the major causes of road accidents in Uganda is over speeding that is normally done in the urban areas.

Many people drive at a terrible speed in areas where people are dwelling and doing their business. there are always people crossing the roads and also building and other stuff just near the road. So in case of any hiccup while driving the driver is likely to run over the people or building or stuff around the road due to over speeding.

The maximum speed of driving on roads where there are settlements or towns is 50km/hr. therefore if you happen to go beyond that it is an offence.

Taking over in corners; this must be a renowned offence worldwide but still drivers still do commit it. Taking over in a corner is a very dangerous act since you may not a clear vision of a car coming from the opposite and hence colliding with it. Traffic officers are always near the corner to curb down offenders who over take in corners.

Driving at the shoulders of the road; Driving at the ending of the road is an offence in Uganda. The space left at the road side is normally for pedestrians but some drivers use the space in order to bit traffic jam which is an offence.

Driving without third party insurance; it is mandatory for every vehicle in Uganda to have third party insurance as this protects the vehicle in case of causing any social hardship like knocking the building, animals or any other stuff.

Driving without a driving license; sometimes travelers tend to carry their driving license while driving in Uganda yet it is the only document that reflect that you are eligible or qualified to drive.  So as a traveler you should always carry your driver’s license when you are going to drive in Uganda.



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