Tips For Using Car Rentals In Uganda

In Uganda you drive on the left, you get stopped by the traffic officers and you can buy lots of fresh fruits and roasted meat along the road. A self drive holiday in Uganda is a truly beautiful and unique adventure. Car hiring in Uganda is not a scary or complicated adventure but it does require some foresight and there are some things you should take into account when planning a safari.

The unreliable public transport is something that is part of the course in Uganda, Car hiring in Uganda is a good way to ensure that your holiday is smooth and to guarantee that you get to see the sights that you want to see when you want to see. There are a few basic tips, some universal, when choosing to take part in a holiday involving car hire in Uganda.

From the beginning and before you start to believe that the roads have been taken over by policemen; the police officers are just everywhere and in places you least expect them that where they lay their ambush. Car hire companies are represented in most of the towns in Uganda whereby you can pick your rental car up at one center or airport and then drop it off at a different location.

The Ugandan authorities will accept the valid driver’s license as long as it includes a photo and is printed in English. Car hire in Uganda may require you to produce an international driver’s license before they allow you to rent a car in Uganda. It’s important that you check with your travel agent or car hire agent before you depart.

The petrol stations are not self service and the attendant will normally offer to check your oil and water plus cleaning your wind screen but our rental cars are fully serviced, no need for checking oil, these can be offered some commission of 1 to 5 dollars.

The speed limits and distances are also signs posted in kilometers are the speedometers in the car hire are well known for the well maintaining of road network. Distances between the towns can be vast though so plan your trip carefully, keep an eye on your petrol gauge and don’t pass up an opportunity to fill up.

The self drive safaris in Uganda are incredibly rewarding and with some foresight and planning it will create amazing memories. It’s vital that you speak to your travel agent and carefully your car hire.





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