Top 5 defensive driving tips for uganda self drive safaris

Defensive driving skills are some traits that every driver should learn in particular for people traveling long distances that lead to the national parks in Uganda.  there are very many defensive driving tips that a traveler can follow to have a safe self drive safari Uganda.  Defensive driving requires one to be alert behind the wheel and also keep a keen eye on the other road users as he/she traverses on the raged roads of Uganda.

Defensive driving is no shame since it helps to minimize the risk of getting accident and save a life too. The tips of defensive driving are no brainier as they are common applications to safe driving.

Below are the top 5 defensive driving tips for a Uganda Self drive safari;

Avoid all the distractions

Many divers have a tendency of focusing on their things while driving yet driving is very fragile engagement which requires one to focus all the time. Many people enjoy using their phones, listening to very loud music or at times eat while driving yet these can easily distract them and get off the road or run over an object since they have removed their sight off the road and do not know what is taking place. It is best to focus on driving and forget about other things that can lead to distraction.

Don’t ignore the traffic signs

This is the main defensive driving tip. Obeying the traffic signs is a very good gesture since it helps the driver follow the right guidelines of the road as he/she keeps in the right speed, avoid wrong turns and follow the traffic lights. Following the road signs minimizes road offences and thus decreasing road accidents.

Keep your distance from other vehicles

There should be a 5 meter distance between vehicles while driving. The gap helps the driver not to run over another vehicle when there is an instant stop of the car or when the turning or parking.

Be familiar with all weather conditions

When driving in unfamiliar territories like the national parks of Uganda, try as much as possible to avoid travelling on the marram roads when it has rained. On a rainy day it becomes so hard for the vehicles to move so well.  It is commendable to drive on a sunny day or try to look for better roads when the season is wet.

Have enough rest before taking a long distance

This tip of taking enough rest when going for a long distance should be known by every driver. Sometimes driving requires lots of energy especially when travelling for a long distance so the driver has to take enough rest to recharge the batteries in that he/she can stay awake for quiet some good time.



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