Why 4×4 Rental Cars in The National Parks in Uganda?

The national parks in Uganda  are nature based and so are their roads. this calls for a 4×4 rental car to be the best vehicle to drive in these areas.

The 4×4 wheel drive is a system in which the car operates simultaneously to improve traction and handling. Even though it’s possible for a car to have continuous AWD capabilities, it’s far more common for one pair of wheels to engage only when sensors detect that the other pair has begun to slip. There are many reasons why a 4×4 vehicle is used to visit national parks in Uganda, some of these include;

The off road driving; when you are in an uneven terrain, most probably you have to face the potholes, boulders on your way. The best way to pass them is a 4×4 vehicle as it will give more traction to overcome them. More so, it allows you to reach otherwise the unreachable landscapes in the countryside.

Safety; with the 4×4 vehicle, the ride height is more than the normal vehicle. So you can also avail higher visibility over the oncoming difficulties like sudden steeps and slopes.

You can also have extra space; since 4×4 vehicles come with extra inner space that makes the traveling with extra passengers and gears much easier as compared to normal vehicles.

The 4×4 vehicle has better performance and is made for the off road environment which offers increased traction and stability. It also offers you a better and secure driving experience with an added advantage of extra space. The 4WD improves traction in dangerous driving conditions like snow, ice, rocks and other scenarios that can make control difficult. By engaging both sets of wheels, traction and control improves. The additional weight contributes to better grip on the road.

The 4WD vehicles may also be more likely to drive on surfaces with reduced traction. However, since rotation is divided amongst four wheels rather than two, each wheel receives half the twisting of a 2WD vehicle, reducing the potential for wheel slip.

4WD is fuel efficient, the primary disadvantage of AWD vehicle is its cost. The drive train and related equipment necessary to providing both continuous and intermittent AWD is complex and so expensive, often needing sensors and computers that are not necessary on two or four wheel Drive vehicles. The cost increases the initial market value of the vehicle and can also affect the cost of repairs. More so to these costs, AWD systems require more fuel to power the additional wheels and are less fuel efficient than comparable two wheel drive vehicles.

It breaks braking distance and collision avoidance; Even though the weight of AWD vehicles improves their handling, it also increases the distance they require to stop and cannot turn, there can be a collision than with a lighter car. Under similar circumstance, but ones in which an accident can be avoided by turning; AWD vehicles offer superior collision avoidance than similar vehicles with less effective handling and turning capabilities.





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