Avoiding Hidden Charges in Car hire services Uganda

Many people hire cars in Uganda and end up paying more than what they expected to and this normally happens to people who rent cars for a self drive Uganda. Most of the time in a self drive quotation taxes, fuel consumption fees and other surcharges are not included but at the end of it all the client has to pay for those expenses and making him/her curse why he/she rented a car that drained his/her pockets.

Most of the time people rent cars thinking that the taxes and fuel charges are the only things they have to pay for but this turns out to be different as they are some other add-on expenses that one may incur like damages that are not insured, extra driver, toll fees, authorization hold and early return fees.

But these hidden charges are beatable and can easily be streamlined. First of all when renting a car you should make sure every expense is included in the contract and explained to you beforehand It would be good if a company has no hidden charges on the services, they provide to their customers.

When renting a car in uganda, go for a company that gives you information about the prevailing fuel prices at that particular period so that you can make a projection on how much you are going to spend on fuel. There also some companies that offer car hire packages where the fuel is included in the quotation.

Try to choose a car that fits in your budget as the car rental companies in Uganda have a variety of car to offer to you. Get to know how much expense you will incur on a particular car then evaluate what can best suit for your budget.

When renting a car for self drive in Uganda, choose a car hire package tariff plan that suits your needs. For example if you are only taking a ride around the city for a few hours then go a per hour charge payment plan and if you are going for a long journey that will even take day then take a daily basis payment plan. With choosing a tariff plan wisely, you will minimize some costs in the run.

Before renting a car make an inquiry about the security deposit money. A competent company will refund you all the money but some companies will deduct a few portion of your money even before return. This will make you know if there hidden fees in your package and you will know how to deal with it if they are highlighted for you.

The information above will make you beat the hidden charges on car rentals uganda or know about them in advance. So by knowing them you will know how to deal with them thus having a less costly car hire package.

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