Rules when choosing a safari lodge on a Uganda self drive tour

Self drive tours in Uganda have become a common thing as traveler love exploring different tourism destinations on their own with privacy and independence guaranteed. However sometimes these travelers find it hard to choose the best safari lodge for a night stay due to that fact that some safari lodges are not up to standards and they are poorly located that can sometimes become a problem to the travelers.

There are some key factors one has to follow to get a good safari lodge that can suit your Uganda self drive tour. Below are the rules when choosing a safari lodge on a Uganda self drive tour:

The services being offered

This is a primary rule of choosing a safari lodge. A traveler should always look for an accommodation facility that has services that suit a traveler like a bar and restaurant, good bedding, hot water, swimming pool and a reflexology arena. These kinds of services add more value to the traveler’s experience while on a self drive tour.

The price of the safari lodge

Though going on a tour is about having a good time, the traveler should always be in check of his/her spending. The traveler should not spend beyond his/her means as this leads to financial instability that may lead to getting stuck on the tour. It should always be wise of the traveler to look at the price of the safari lodge and know whether it fits his/her billing.

Read the reviews

When choosing a safari lodge on a Uganda self drive tour, it is of essence to read the comments or remarks the previous customers of the facilities have posted on their websites. These previous customers have experienced the moment of truth thereby knowing the kind of services the lodge offers to its customers. As a traveler, you should go for a safari lodge with good comment from their customers.

Check for Infuriating

A safari lodge should be so serene and very conducive for a rest. It should be free from noise and also not over crowed by so many clients. You can get to know that by using Google earth and relocate the lodge and know its surroundings.

Also look at their website and know the number of guest they receive at a particular time. It gives a traveler a wonderful experience with a peace of mind if the safari lodge has a very serene environment and also there is no competition of services.

Distance from an urban centre

Though a safari lodge should be away from noise, it should be with in the vicinity of an urban centre. This is as important as the urban centre in most cases has social and tourism amenities like bank, hospital, restaurants, discotheque and car repair workshop to mention but a few that are of importance to the traveler.

Proper internet connection

In this day and age generation, internet is a very vital tool in context it is a basic need to each and every person as there are lots of things to be done on it like business, communicating with the beloved ones and also getting news. It is best to choose a safari lodge on your Uganda self drive tours that has a wifi where you can connect to internet easily.




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