Common Credentials Asked When Renting a Car

There has to be an approved process one has to go through in everything that involves property acquisition whether for a short time or permanently. Car renting Uganda is a business which involves renting car for self drive around the different areas of Uganda.

Remember a car is a property that is highly valued so one is supposed to be with some qualifications that permit him/her rent a car on his own. These qualifications are put up to limit some related problems that may arise due to reckless driving that may cause damaging of the car or the problem of stealing the car.

However different car rental companies in Uganda have different criteria that allow someone rent a car with them. So here we come up with the 3 most common qualifications that every car rental company may ask of you.

A Minimum Age

Albeit different countries having different ages of consent that allows some to drive a car, the age of 21 year old is the standard one across all nations in the world for which a car rental company allow one to acquire their car. Right identification is asked of the people willing to rent a car in order to approve his/her age.

Generally most car rental companies ask for a driving permit as the requirement for the age but some take an extra mile to ask for another document that disclose your age well like a passport or birth certificate. So when renting a car in Uganda, you should first ask for what documents you are supposed to carry so that you can qualify to rent a car with a certain company.

In case you are going to use an extra driver while using a car rental services in Uganda, you should also make sure that he/she meets the company’s requirement of minimum age.

Driving Record

Your driving history or record is very essential for the car rental company. Most car rentals do screening of driving records in the approval process. Screening of the driving process has become so much easier with the advancement of technology around the global as there is always a designed system where a car rental company puts particulars of your driving license and the record is displayed automatically.

If the car rental company finds out that you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, over speeding fines or you have ever engaged in other driving irregularities that make you an offender, you may be denied to rent a car with them.

Credit/Debit Card

Most car rental companies in Uganda will request you to issue out your credit or debit card to rent a car. Car rental companies most of the times hold a certain amount of fee on these credit or debit card as security deposit while others keep the card in case of any damage caused on the car that is liable to you and is beyond the insurance cover, they can easily get the money to compensate for the damages you may have caused. It is advisable to agree that term basing on the details of the contract.

The above are the most common qualifications one may need to rent a car in Uganda from any car rental company around the country.

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