Ways of Getting a Cheap Car Rental Uganda

Car rental business is a fast growing business in Uganda as many people have come up to establish agencies due to the high demand of renting a car from other people. Many people rent cars for taking a gorilla safari uganda, cruising around the city, for a business conference, for wedding ceremonies, airport pickups.  But this can sometimes tend to be expensive due to the terms and conditions that the car rental agencies might put. In this world of scarce financial resources, one always needs a cheaper car for renting and the following are the ways as to how you can minimize the costs of car renting Uganda

Hit the internet

This is the most effective step of getting a cheap car rental Uganda. There are so many car rental agencies in Uganda that often offer relatively lower prices compared to the other in order to out compete them. These can only be found through surfing as they hold websites with the rates and services they offer. As you go through the internet you will find agencies with the quality services at affordable rate and you can choose from them.

Try to look for agencies that are a bit distant from the airport

Agencies that are near the airport are relatively expensive in that they get many customers walking in from the airport due to their convenient location. It is better to look for car rental agencies far way as these offer relatively low rates.

Be vigilant on signing additional insurance

You might get excited on signing the car lease agreement but first look at the additional insurance that may be placed are favoring you.  Since this might lead you to incurring daily expenses that can make your overall trip expensive. It is better to first assess it then see if you get provision funds for the insurance.

Avoid shifty fees

Most car rental agencies have some fine that you might encounter if you breach one of the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement. For example there might be a clause in agreement that one has to return car and park it at a certain point if case you do the vice you encounter a certain fine. One has to be careful to avoid such unnecessary fines that can make car renting expensive.

Make an assessment if you really need to rent a car

At times you may think when you are in a foreign land you may need a car but in actual sense you don’t need it. For instance you might not be going to make a lot of movement in your early of visit and don’t have many luggage. It is better to use public transport since it might be wastage of funds. But if you have a lot of luggage and you going to make a lot of traveling then it is better to rent a car because frequent paying of transport fare for public transport might cost you heavily.

Try to book a car earlier

They say  time is money and this is so true with car renting. If the need of the car is so urgent it may be very expensive to get a car as the car rental agency might take advantage of your desperation of wanting a car and charge highly. It might also be a business period where the cars might be on high demand and this can lead to higher rate. When you need a car book a earlier in that there is room for negotiation.

Keep good records of anything related to the car you’re renting

This can be done by taking pictures of the car before you take it in that you have a clear preview of the car’s condition before you use it. This may be useful after using the car and know which damages you are supposed to pay for.

Give a try to small car rental agencies

Booking with the smaller agencies can be cheap as these can make personalized offer and also flexible in their terms and conditions since they want to built a good reputation so that they can get closer to the large ones. Most of the times these offer cheaper and better rates than the known ones

Remember to know and also fight for rights

Some agencies are so cunning in such a way they might want to charge you unfamiliar fees so one has to be careful and fight for what is best for you.

With the best ways one can get a cheaper car to rent and you will enjoy a good self drive tour Uganda

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