Self Drive Uganda-5 Tips To Drive Without Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most worrying problems people who drive cars face. This comes as a result poor sitting posture, bad seats and also sitting for long hours while driving. Back pain is really some discomfort that can even go for a lifetime. This is a major problem for long distance travelers since they spend long hours while seated.

Many people who rent cars in Uganda go for self drive safaris to different national parks that are located far away from the city. After the safari, many complain about back pain and here are the 5 tips to drive without back pain.

Have some breaks while driving

Driving a car for a long distance is a very hard task that comes with immerse fatigue for both the mental and physical faculties. It is advisable to take some refreshment breaks for 10-30 minutes. When having a break do some stretching of the limbs and the entire, have some drink and a bite. It is best if you take breaks after every two hours of driving.

Make some stretching as many times as possible

While the seated, the human body system is not at its full operation and thus leading to the contraction of most muscles in the body. Most of the times, muscle contractions come with body discomfort or pain. Therefore while driving get some time to stretch your muscles or body to avoid contraction thus avoiding back pain. You can even stretch in your car while in traffic jam. There are very many stretching ways when sitting.

Carry an ice pack with you

Ice is one of the best reliever of pain. When you place ice on a hurting place especially caused by body inner complications like muscle contraction and body malfunction, it relieves it instantly. It commendable to carry an ice pack in the trunk to treat yourself in case of body hurting problems like back pain arise.

Ensure that your car seat is in the correct position

As the car is driven, the seat is likely to shift its position over some period of time. Therefore, when getting to a self drive safari ensure that you put the seats in their right position or your favored position.

Getting the right position of the seat is one of the most effective remedy of preventing a back pain as most of the back problems come with bad seating posture.

The ideal seat position in car is the angle between the back of your seat and the base of your seat should be between 110-130 degrees.

A good seat position can help a traveler prevent more that 50% of back pain while traveling.

Do body exercise regularly

This is not something that should be tipped off to any human being. It is mandatory for every person to do some work out since the body needs some stretching to burn some fats and expand some muscle to be at full strength to operate well. If you do body exercises regularly, you are likely not to have body pain.



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