Tips to Reverse Park Your Car

Reserve parking is one of kind of a hurdle task especially for newly graduated drivers. The whole thing of reserve parking seems to be complex for the driver since whenever they try to command the car goes to the opposite side. it would even cause one problems in case he or she has just rented a car for instance for a self drive Tour Uganda.

Reserving parking is one of the aspects of driving that is put into details when learning to drive but still it becomes an issue for many drivers.

This is a very technical task because a driver does not visibly see where the car is moving but only use the side mirrors to tell the direction of the car. More to that the car has to be squeezed in a small space that is normally left in between the other cars in the parking lot.

To get rid of the havoc that has been bothering you all the time, here we bring the tips to reserve park the easiest way possible:

Why Reverse Parking Is More Preferable?

Many drivers who aren’t comfortable with reserve park, they would rather park upfront in that they dodge what seems to be their nightmare. The upfront park is okay but when you learn reserve park driving becomes a vacation for you.

Above all reserve parking commands convenience and visibility while exiting the parking lot. You are granted safety since you have a clear view of what is coming from the road like the pedestrians and other vehicles.

Think of it when you get an urgent call and you would like to drive off straight to attend to the call and then you put again reserving the car and keeping a keen eye on other parties on the road. This leads to time waste and through the rush and tussle, you can easily cause an accident.

How reserve parking works:

Most cars driven in Uganda are old model where by one has to look through the side mirrors to reserve park the car. It is best for you to unfasten the seat belt to easy move your body while looking through the side mirror. It is also commendable to physically look behind through your driver seat.

For the new model cars, the reserve parking is a bit easy due to the technology encrypted. This has back camera monitor and a parking assist system that can easily make your reserve without any hassle.

Steps to proper reserve park

  1. The first step is to look for ample space to where a certain car you are driving will fit. The parking lots normally have designated places for small and big vehicles. So check out for the space where your car will fit.
  2. Secondly get let’s say the end points of your parking space are named point 1,2,3,4 where your left side is 1,2 and the right side are 3,4. Get the car to the right side and ensure that car’s rear bumper is in front of point 3.
  3. Next step, look around to see if there is no car or person close to you or coming through the side mirrors. Then turn on the emergency or double indicator button to set a warning that you are reserving or parking in the back space.
  4. The fourth step is to know the surrounding is clear and get to the reserve gear. Get to the wheel to the right side to get into the space while reserving. You should also keep an eye on the outside.
  5. Keep reversing onto the left side till point 3 appears. Use as the focal point to direct the car into the far end of the space.Keep moving into the space till point 1 is seen in the left side mirror as you keep looking through both side mirror. when all the lines look parallel in the mirror, straighten up the steering wheel.
  6. Keeping moving while the steering wheel is straight till you reach the far end and then shift the gear in to parking.

That is how easy reverse parking is! It should never worry you again.






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