Why Tourists have Turned to Self Drive Safaris Uganda?

Hiring a car for self drive safaris in Uganda is one of the trending, magical and inspirational ways of discovering the pearl of Africa and there are also many other ways of enjoying a vacation in Africa.

This could be by touring one of the numerous and diverse national parks to see the wide plethora of Flora and Fauna or through the interaction with the natives spread across the country.

One can also decide to do both of the above, but are hindered by hectic schedules and guides. the self derive Uganda holidays involve renting a car to drive around the country or hiring a car with quality camping gears to enjoy a self drive Uganda safari in the great country.

The self drive safaris are convenient; these are so convenient no matter who you are or where you are going. Unlike the guided tours, where your destination is chosen for you and many other people. With the self drive, you get to make your own choices on where to visit and more so with whoever you choose to, this is completely a personal decision.

When traveling with family, the convenience of stopping as you please to soak in a beautiful scenic view, take a few pictures and having stop at whatever destination all depends on you. You actually move at your own pace without being rushed by a guide or driver.

There is also the appreciated leisure time; one of the main reasons people take holidays with self drive Uganda options is to escape the hectic work schedules and relax while enjoying everything at their leisure.

Self drive Uganda also enhances your holiday so that you can do whatever you wish; go wherever you want without having to follow a time table or being directed to do something.

You could decide to take an alternative route such that you can see more of Uganda’s beautiful landscape or make a stop to interact with some locals and learn about their culture which I believe drivers can do for you, but normally it is scheduled. Either way, you get to be your own boss which should put you at ease thus giving you peace of mind.

You can easily access the destinations; Uganda has many different types of attractions scattered all over the country which increases the number of tourist destinations. Most of these tourist destinations for example the mountain gorilla habitat in Bwindi impenetrable Forest National Park and Murchison Falls national Park are located in rural areas far from the city.

The public means of transport to and from these places is scarce and usually costly. But in case you hire a car for self drive travels, you could even visit places that are seldom toured as long as you find them interesting.

The importance of Privacy; This might be the greatest advantage of driving yourself around the pearl of Africa. Many people value their privacy even as they travel and a self drive in Uganda is just the perfect way to do so when traveling in Uganda.

Uganda has many places of interest which are so rich in culture and history that it’s vital to adventure it all within a short visit. However, one might need to stay longer or desire to experience a place in solitude to appreciate its values fully.

Also renting a car with quality camping gears to enable you make camp whenever you feel like stopping a little longer is one of the ways you are allowed to enjoy your privacy while on holiday.

More so, hiring a car for self drive in Uganda has been appreciated by many travelers and has been a developing means of travel and yes, especially for returning clients.

However, it’s very important to know that you can handle driving on African roads, because it needs more than just the basic driving skills to pass through the bumpy roads, needs a lot of concentration, carefulness, persistence, driving along crazy drivers some mechanical skills.

Self driving gives you a large platform to view many animal species in the national parks that using a driver. Imagine seeing the elephants, lions, and many more, get to see these up close from your vehicle. There is no need to hire an expensive safari vehicle and driver or book a tour either way.



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