Why Tourists have Turned to Self Drive Safaris Uganda?

Hiring a car for self drive safaris in Uganda is one of the trending, magical and inspirational ways of discovering the pearl of Africa and there are also many other ways of enjoying a vacation in Africa.

This could be by touring one of the numerous and diverse national parks to see the wide plethora of Flora and Fauna or through the interaction with the natives spread across the country.

One can also decide to do both of the above, but are hindered by hectic schedules and guides. the self derive Uganda holidays involve renting a car to drive around the country or hiring a car with quality camping gears to enjoy a self drive Uganda safari in the great country.

The self drive safaris are convenient; these are so convenient no matter who you are or where you are going. Unlike the guided tours, where your destination is chosen for you and many other people. With the self drive, you get to make your own choices on where to visit and more so with whoever you choose to, this is completely a personal decision.

When traveling with family, the convenience of stopping as you please to soak in a beautiful scenic view, take a few pictures and having stop at whatever destination all depends on you. You actually move at your own pace without being rushed by a guide or driver.

There is also the appreciated leisure time; one of the main reasons people take holidays with self drive Uganda options is to escape the hectic work schedules and relax while enjoying everything at their leisure.

Self drive Uganda also enhances your holiday so that you can do whatever you wish; go wherever you want without having to follow a time table or being directed to do something.

You could decide to take an alternative route such that you can see more of Uganda’s beautiful landscape or make a stop to interact with some locals and learn about their culture which I believe drivers can do for you, but normally it is scheduled. Either way, you get to be your own boss which should put you at ease thus giving you peace of mind.

You can easily access the destinations; Uganda has many different types of attractions scattered all over the country which increases the number of tourist destinations. Most of these tourist destinations for example the mountain gorilla habitat in Bwindi impenetrable Forest National Park and Murchison Falls national Park are located in rural areas far from the city.

The public means of transport to and from these places is scarce and usually costly. But in case you hire a car for self drive travels, you could even visit places that are seldom toured as long as you find them interesting.

The importance of Privacy; This might be the greatest advantage of driving yourself around the pearl of Africa. Many people value their privacy even as they travel and a self drive in Uganda is just the perfect way to do so when traveling in Uganda.

Uganda has many places of interest which are so rich in culture and history that it’s vital to adventure it all within a short visit. However, one might need to stay longer or desire to experience a place in solitude to appreciate its values fully.

Also renting a car with quality camping gears to enable you make camp whenever you feel like stopping a little longer is one of the ways you are allowed to enjoy your privacy while on holiday.

More so, hiring a car for self drive in Uganda has been appreciated by many travelers and has been a developing means of travel and yes, especially for returning clients.

However, it’s very important to know that you can handle driving on African roads, because it needs more than just the basic driving skills to pass through the bumpy roads, needs a lot of concentration, carefulness, persistence, driving along crazy drivers some mechanical skills.

Self driving gives you a large platform to view many animal species in the national parks that using a driver. Imagine seeing the elephants, lions, and many more, get to see these up close from your vehicle. There is no need to hire an expensive safari vehicle and driver or book a tour either way.

3 Remedies of How To Avoid Car Sickness while Driving

Long distance driving comes with lots of challenges like car sickness that can really make your driving in Uganda a bad experience. Car sickness is associated with signs of dizziness, exhaustion, and nausea and sometimes sweating. Car sickness does not occur to a certain group of people, it cross cuts among all people of different ages.

Car sickness is a very dangerous thing to happen to the driver as this can make him/her get an accident due to the discomfort and dizziness that can lead to him/her lose consciousness. In the end running over something like a car or getting off the road which eventually leading to an accident.

Therefore a driver has to find redeems of hot to avoid car sickness on a Uganda self-drive expedition in order to have a serene voyage hence having a wonderful travel experience in Uganda.

Here are the tips of how to avoid car sickness on a Uganda self drive experience;

Proper Ventilation is paramount

If the driver and passengers have a cool and an aerated environment, car sickness comes nowhere close to happening. It is always recommendable to open the windows of the car while traveling or at times turn on the air conditioner so that the people inside the car can have enough air to respire.   The best idea here is to point the direction of air conditioners towards you.

Good ventilation of the car makes the passengers and the driver to have fresh air in the car and also let out the bad odors that at times make breathing very hard as they intervene with the oxygen in the car environment.

Nap on Your Seat

Fatigue comes with lots discomfort in the body. So if you do not get enough rest and then get on the wheel, you are likely to accumulate fatigue which can lead to car sickness. Therefore it is commendable that you take enough rest before you get on a long distance journey or you should have an additional driver so that you can interchange while driving so that one can get a nap to get rid of the fatigue or tire.

Take the Front Seat

Car sickness occurs when the ear and the eyes have a mismatch of opinions. Going into the details, when a person is riding in the car, his eyes perceive that he is still in his position and nothing is moving whereas the inner ear feels the motion and thus a signal conflict occurs, which, in turn, leads to car sickness. But when you prefer sitting in the front seat, your eyes see that the road ahead of you is moving and so is your body feeling the motion.

This leads to a harmony between the eye and the ear signals, thus better chances of not developing on car sickness. An important fact to note here is that if you prefer driving your car, you would increase your chances of staying away from car sickness. It is recommended to look for driving tips to consider if you are vulnerable to car sickness.

Car sickness is very dangerous since it can lead to car accidents. Therefore it is of the traveler’s best interest to get to know the above three remedies of avoiding car sickness while on a Uganda self drive expedition.

Things to check before a long self drive in Uganda

Vacation period is knocking the door as any travelers are planning to come to the motherland Uganda to visit the various tourism destinations. Many of these travelers nowadays engage in self drive safaris whereby they explore the pearl of Africa on their own. The travelers have had very amazing experiences on self drive expeditions and have recommended their friends back home to come encounter Uganda on their own.

However, when going for a self long drive in Uganda, there are things on the rental car a traveler has to check in order to have a splendid and serene driving experience in Uganda. The following are the things to check before a long self drive in Uganda.

The coolant of the car

Most of the new vehicles have a bottle marked with min and max water levels which makes it easy to know the levels of water in the car. On the other hand the old cars have radiator car where you can visibly see whether there is enough water or not. You should note that you should never open radiator when the engine is running or hot as the hot water from it can splash on you and you will not like it.

The tires

When going for a long self drive in Uganda, you should always check the condition of the tyres by looking at the treads which are supposed to be 3 millimeters in depth standard and also look if there are no cracks on them. The pressure should also be looked at and also be balanced as unbalanced pressure of the tyres kills the wheel alignment of the car.

Furthermore, make sure that the rental car has a spare tire to replace in case you get a float tyre while on your self drive expedition.

Engine oil

Checking the engine oil is a mandate as the engine cannot run well without good oil yet the engine is the main operating tool or system in the car without it the car cannot move. So as a traveler look at the oil levels by using the dipstick and also its quality as oil is supposed to be black yellowish if it is black then it needs to be changed.


Park on a clean tarmac, then check underneath for oil or water leaks after a few hours. Even a small leak can lead to dangerously low fluid levels on a long journey.

Windscreen washer bottle

It is difficult looking through two arched smears of exploded flies, top up your washer bottle before you leave. You can use water, or detergents that will smell nice. Also check your wiper blades for ware and replace if necessary.


Always check the lights of the car before setting off your journey. The lighting of the car helps you will driving at night and also act as indicators to other road users of what you are trying to do while driving.

Emergency equipment

These are very essential tools in the car though most travelers under look them. Equipments like medical kit and fire extinguisher help travelers at first hand of an accident so you should always make sure that they are in the car before setting off for a long self drive in Uganda.

While on a long self drive in Uganda, safety is paramount and thereby you should always first take physical precautions on the rental car before driving it.






Traits of a Good Uganda Self Drive Car Rental Services

Traits of a Good Uganda Self Drive Car Rental Services

In this new world of finding challenges to undertake, self drive safaris have become a norm in the travel world. Many people around the globe want to get out of their comfortable zone to take up with something new and very challenging g.

Here in Uganda, we have self drive safaris where by a traveler hires a car from a rental company and he/she explores a certain destination on his/her own.  With the high demand of self drive car rental services, Rental Company are mushrooming like it is no one’s business so a traveler has to be so critical to get good services that can enable him/her have a very successful rental experience in Uganda.

Therefore while you wish to book for Uganda self drive car rental services, you have to look at these traits as explained below:

User friendly services

When booking for self drive rental services, there has to be a system that appeals to each and every person to make it convenient for one to access the services. There should be less paper work to acquire the rental services. It should be user friendly and this system should be with up-to-date technology. So one has to book with a rental company that has a booking system which can be accessed through on the internet on gadgets like phones, tablets and computers that always make people’s lives so easy to accomplish a task.

Reliable services

Reliable services one of the most essential traits travelers look at from the car rental services. Travelers love it when the transportation means so punctual and always available to traverse them anywhere they feel like. Remember most of the people that use car rental services have no time frame of traveling as they can travel at any time of the day and this requires services that are always in position to meet their demands and needs.

The quality of the rental car

When you go for car rental services, you expect some sort of executive treat as opposed to the public transport. The rental car must be in good shape and so clean so that you can feel the value for your money and creates a very good impression from the onlookers while riding in the vehicle. A good rental car also guarantees you safety on the road as it is less likely to get a mechanical breakdown while on your expedition.

Competent personnel

This is one of the most sensitive traits of a good Uganda self drive car rental services as no client or customer would love to deal with attendants or stuff that is no good. The personnel from the reservation team to the delivery boy should have good customer care, vast knowledge about travel and car rental services and should also be very honest and trustworthy. This gives the client a peace of mind and trust to the rental company as he/she knows at the back of his/her mind that in case of anything the company will be able to sort it out.

When you find the above traits in a rental company, go for their services as they will guarantee your reliance, convenience and safety of which the latter attributes are what every traveler looks at in self drive car rental services.





Know the merits of Booking Uganda car rental Services

Cars have become part of our everyday life for reasons of movement of us, families and also commodities for trade. if you donot have one, you will have to rent a car. the merits of booking Uganda car rental services are infinite. Transportation is one of the  essential tool in life as a person can never be in one place for his/her entire life, he/she has to move from one place to another.

There are motives that make one move from one place to another. The main motives are business, visiting family and friends, permanent migration and also exploring other places that you may have not been to before.

People in Uganda use different means of transport to travel to different places but many who have used the car rental services have stuck to them and they never want to use any other means as the car rental services have very many advantages and rewards they give to the traveler.

So in case you may want to use Uganda car rental services for your next travel, we make you know the merits of booking them and they are as follow:

Always Available

Car rental services are always available at anytime you need them. They d not have a scheduled timetable to operate. Once you book for the rentals, you will travel at any given time of the day with no restrictions and no extra charge.

Reasonable Fares

The prices to hire a car in Uganda are standard as once you agree on the price with the car rental company; it will always be the same price regardless of where you are going. Car rental services normally charge fare per day and you are able to travel anywhere you feel like and this makes it even cheaper than the public transport that charges per the distance you take.

Are Flexible

When you book with car rental services, you have the room to change your travel schedule at any given time since the services are exclusively reserved for you. You can choose where to go and also the time. You are also able to change the vehicle to another one where need be.

Professionalism is conducted

The car rental services have very skilled and experienced personnel that give you the best customer care services you may want in the world thus making you feel at home. They also give out travel information that you may need for your expedition. There are also problem solvers as they know what to do in case of any problem that may happen while traveling without bring tension that may pound stress on you.

Saves Time

Using car rental services Uganda also saves time and effort. The rental car is always delivered at your convenient place that is the airport, home, hotel or any other place that is convenient for you. Further ore, car rental services do not have stopovers to wait for other passengers to board or disembark. They are customized to only one client of whom they lead to his/her destination straight up.

Hassle Free Booking

The booking of the car rental services is fast and easy as you just have to do a few clicks on your computer in the sitting room or bedroom and then you are good to go or make a phone call which is not the case with the public means where you have to the ticket terminal and make a queue to book for it.

Car rental services are advantageous to people in Uganda in that they bring comfort, urgency, convenience and reliance to people’s travel experiences.


What to Do Before Starting a Self Drive Trip Uganda

A self drive trip in Uganda is one of the most amazing and adventurous experience one can ever take. This normally involves driving to long distances with the interest of watching natural biodiversity and meeting the cultural people around these places. It also involves moving around Kampala to visit some of the famous and historical places.  But this can go wrong and end up not encountering what you expected or it might get more challenging than what you thought.

To avoid the shortcomings that one may encounter when taking a self drive trip Uganda one has to do the following:

First look at the car rental agreement that you have signed with car rental agency before you set off for your journey. This involves at the insurance policy that is attached to the car you have rented and also the terms and condition under which you are driving the car. This can keep in line not to bleach the contract you made with the agency that may make you incur fines in the end bring up tension between you and the car rental agency.

Take a picture of the car you have hired. This normally helps to reflect the situation the car is usual in before you use and the situation when you return it from the trip. In this case you are able to know what you are going to be accounted for in case of any damages that might have occurred.

Get to know the driving rules and regulations and the policies in the country. It helps one not to be an offender due to the ignorance of the driving rules used in the foreign country.

Gather the information about your destinations for example the locations of the place you going to visit on your gorilla safari , the accommodation facilities around your destination, the social life of the people around the destination, the fuel and mechanic stations around the destination, the distance and time taken to reach the destination. This helps one not lose hi/her bearing and also make his/her journey a safe and sound one.

Get and pack everything that you may need on the self drive trip Uganda. For example there are requirements that you will need as the person and also what the car will need like a spare tyre, jerk, water to mention but a few. By all means you need such requirements on your trip.

If the above are put into practice one is guaranteed a very nice and safe self drive in Uganda unless there are unavoidable calamities that may occur on the trip.



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