Things to Check Before You Rent a 4×4 Car in Uganda

Renting a 4×4 car in Uganda can save traveler lots of problems while traveling. That is to say delays due to stopovers on the ways and inconvenience of the means of transport in that some means are timetable and also have specific points to stop.

Renting a car in Uganda beats all the latter problems as it is exclusively hired to one person and has no schedule and a traveler can go anywhere he/she wants in context it provides convenience and reliance while traveling.

However, there are certain few things you have to check before you rent a 4×4 car in Uganda.

The first thing to check out while renting a car in Uganda is whether the vehicle suits the purpose of your travel. Do not get a car that will become a nightmare while in the field.  For Uganda self drive safari, it is best to hire a four wheel drive car like a Toyota rav4 or Toyota land cruiser.

The second thing to check when renting a  4×4 car in Uganda is the items of the rental package that is  to say the rental insurance, road assistance, unlimited mileage, baby seats, and GPS. Every standard car rental package given to a client always describes the latter listed items and should be given at around price with the actual vehicle with no hidden costs.

Once the car rental company has guaranteed you the above mentioned car rental items make sure that they are indicated in the car rental contract you will to sign on.  This gives verification that the items that you asked for were given to you by the car rental company.

You should also check what the requirements needed while are renting a car in Uganda. The main requirements of acquiring a rental car in Uganda are having an identification card, driving license and the tool for payment of the rental services.

You should also check out how the 4×4 rental car is going to be delivered to you. You should ask the car rental company where you are going to pick up the car whether at their premises, airport or hotel. They should also give you the name of the person that is going to attend to you when picking up the car.

In addition you should get to know the arrangement of drop off the rental car that is where you will drop off the car after your expedition and also if you are to pay a certain fee in case you are dropping it off at your place of convenience that is not easily accessible for the car rental company.

The next thing to check when renting a car in Uganda is the driving laws, rules and regulation. Get to know about the road signage and also the driving lanes. In Uganda we should the right hand lane for driving. Every country has different driving laws so try to get familiar with the driving rules governing motorist on the roads and also to know the nature of the road users or driving culture in Uganda.  This will make get an insight of what to expect on the roads of Uganda.

In order to have a wonderful car rental expedition in Uganda, you have to follow the above check list.



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