Ideal Points For Pick up and Drop Off of Uganda car rental

Below are the vital points on picking and dropping of a vehicle;

Always get the best car option; it’s said that when you book a rental car in Uganda, because the make and model you get is down to what the company has available, it’s always important asking what your options are. You may be able to choose what you drive. It’s vital to ask for different varieties and then make a decision.

Don’t be afraid to bargain; you might be offered a better car for more money. But don’t forget what you have already paid, to work out the true cost. In case you are interested, bargain on price. You could also get a great deal. Decide what’s important for you, a bigger car might need a bigger deposit or excess and more fuel.

Always sort fuel and Mileage; Many of the car hire companies in Uganda have got a full to full fuel policy. However the tanks can be half full or less, so compare the gauge with the paper work. Ask if your car takes petrol or diesel. Check if there is a mileage limit. Some unlucky drivers get charged extra because they drove over a limit they didn’t know about.

Always get secured with insurance; Basic cover is included with the car but it’s not comprehensive. The staff will also encourage you to buy their extra cover. You might find a cheaper insurance online. Always be clear and comfortable with what you are covered for and what you are not, just in case anything goes wrong.

Always be clear on charges; sometimes you will pay extra charges when you arrive, these include local taxes or the additional driver fees. Check what you are being charged for so you don’t pay twice for extras.

Always read the Uganda car rental agreement; don’t feel rushed; take your time to read the rental agreement, so you are happy with what you are signing up for.

Sort out your return trip; remember to check where to drop the car to avoid stress at the end of your safari. Ask for directions to the nearest petrol station, so you can fill up before you drop the car off.

You are set to go, give it a once over, take some photos, check the fuel gauge and switch the sat Nav to English in case you have one. Then you’re ready to start your holiday. Have a great trip!

Always check your route and traffic before you go; looking up your route the night before you go will give you a chance to plan your journey. The online maps will tell you what the traffic is usually like when you will be driving, so you can leave in good time.  Car hire companies do charge penalty fees if you drop off the car late, so it’s definitely worth getting organized before you set off.

About the drop off of the car rental;

Always identify the best filling station; in case your car has a full to full fuel policy, you will need to bring back the car to the counter with a full tank of fuel. It’s also good idea to spot where to fill up the tank before dropping off the car.

Look out for signs; when you get close to where you are to drop the car, look out for the signs showing you where to go. In case you don’t see any signs, head towards the place where you picked the car from and drop the car there, some time the counter staff give instructions when you are picking up the car.

Take some photos; once you have packed up; take a photo of the fuel indicator and the mileage. Then step outside to photograph the car’s front, rear and the sides. These will come handy in handy when you are given un expected charges for any additional damage, mileage or missing fuel.

Always gather all your things; as well as the boot, check the glove box, door buckets, underneath the seats, and back seat pockets. Apart from your own belongings, it’s also a good idea to keep your rental agreement and any other paper work the counter staff gave you. These documents can be very handy if anything comes up after your rental has finished.

In case there is any agent in the car park; if there is a representative from the car hire company in the car park, wave at them to come over when you are ready. These will check the car with you, give you the end of rental paper work and take the car keys from you. Once they are sure everything is fine, they will also give the order so your security deposit is unblocked or refunded.

In case you can’t see any agent at the car park; look out for a drop box for car keys, this will have the company name and logo on it. This is useful for when there aren’t any staffs available and when the office is closed.



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