Things to check before a long self drive in Uganda

Vacation period is knocking the door as any travelers are planning to come to the motherland Uganda to visit the various tourism destinations. Many of these travelers nowadays engage in self drive safaris whereby they explore the pearl of Africa on their own. The travelers have had very amazing experiences on self drive expeditions and have recommended their friends back home to come encounter Uganda on their own.

However, when going for a self long drive in Uganda, there are things on the rental car a traveler has to check in order to have a splendid and serene driving experience in Uganda. The following are the things to check before a long self drive in Uganda.

The coolant of the car

Most of the new vehicles have a bottle marked with min and max water levels which makes it easy to know the levels of water in the car. On the other hand the old cars have radiator car where you can visibly see whether there is enough water or not. You should note that you should never open radiator when the engine is running or hot as the hot water from it can splash on you and you will not like it.

The tires

When going for a long self drive in Uganda, you should always check the condition of the tyres by looking at the treads which are supposed to be 3 millimeters in depth standard and also look if there are no cracks on them. The pressure should also be looked at and also be balanced as unbalanced pressure of the tyres kills the wheel alignment of the car.

Furthermore, make sure that the rental car has a spare tire to replace in case you get a float tyre while on your self drive expedition.

Engine oil

Checking the engine oil is a mandate as the engine cannot run well without good oil yet the engine is the main operating tool or system in the car without it the car cannot move. So as a traveler look at the oil levels by using the dipstick and also its quality as oil is supposed to be black yellowish if it is black then it needs to be changed.


Park on a clean tarmac, then check underneath for oil or water leaks after a few hours. Even a small leak can lead to dangerously low fluid levels on a long journey.

Windscreen washer bottle

It is difficult looking through two arched smears of exploded flies, top up your washer bottle before you leave. You can use water, or detergents that will smell nice. Also check your wiper blades for ware and replace if necessary.


Always check the lights of the car before setting off your journey. The lighting of the car helps you will driving at night and also act as indicators to other road users of what you are trying to do while driving.

Emergency equipment

These are very essential tools in the car though most travelers under look them. Equipments like medical kit and fire extinguisher help travelers at first hand of an accident so you should always make sure that they are in the car before setting off for a long self drive in Uganda.

While on a long self drive in Uganda, safety is paramount and thereby you should always first take physical precautions on the rental car before driving it.








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