Hiring A rental car in Uganda? Considerations To Make

There are very many situations that one would need to hire a rental car. It could be that one is looking to tour around Uganda, Entebbe airport transfer, city tour, business trip, school tour or may be the private car has got a problem. Good enough there are very many car rental companies always for waiting for travelers to rent a car from them. Not all car rental services are that effective so one has to put some factors into consideration to have comfortable and convenient car rental services.

Below are the factors one has to put into consideration while hiring a rental car in Uganda.

The vehicle size

While renting a car in Uganda, the size of the vehicle always matters due to the fact that different sizes of cars come with different price tags and significance car rental companies have a fleet of cars from small, medium to large cars that serve different purposes to travelers. It is therefore advice to know the best size of car for the traveler’s experience and its price tag should always be in check. For instance a family vacation demands for a large rental car like a safari van or super custom whereas a couple calls for small car like a Toyota RAV4.

Chauffeur added services

Ensure that the car hire company has an option of hiring a driver. At times, a traveler may wish to do a self drive in a particular country but end up the changing his/her mind opting to go for a chauffeur to traverse him/her around the country. It is best for one to put this factor into consideration.

Rental periods

Try to know the length of rental periods as per the price. Most car rental companies in Uganda give away discounts to customers who normally hire for a long period that is a week and more. It is best to take advantage of the situation and rent a car for a long time and enjoy the rental experience at a reduced price.

Rental restrictions

There are very many policies and rules encompassed around the car rental business. There are always terms and condition under which the traveler has to follow and undergo while hiring a car in Uganda due to the fact that there are very many risks involved in the venture like accidents and theft. There are driving and usage rules and insurance policies of the rental stipulated to the customer to follow. Any rational customer would want to lesser restrictions for a rental car.

Rental car features

The traveler should always try to know the type of the car and its feature he/she is wish to hire. It is best for the car provider to even get the photos to the client. Look at whether it has 4 wheel drive, air conditioning system, spacious, music player and radio and also look at the external features of the car to make sure that best suits the expedition one is willing to partake.

Car rental in Uganda comes with very flexible rates depending on the vehicle for the client’s travel. Choose a Uganda car rental company whose terms and conditions are convenient and put the travelers requirements into check.

when you rent a car in uganda, you have a glorious opportunity of enjoying safari trip at own pace in Uganda. Trips like gorilla tours safari can be very adventurous and exciting if you decide to be your guide.


Tips for hassle-free holiday car hire Uganda

Uganda is one of those safari destinations a traveler can experience behind the wheels on his own. It is such a small country and has a very simple Road network that leads to the several major tourist destinations one may wish to tour. This is why very many travel companies have take up that opportunity by offering self drive safari to their clients. All one has to do is hire a car in Uganda and traverse to his/her preferred tourism destination without the help of a driver guide. Accommodation and tourist entrance booking also can be done by the travel company on behalf of the traveler or a traveler can also do that by himself. Holiday car hire Uganda makes a traveler explore the pearl of Africa on his own and with maximum independence and comfort.

Nevertheless car hire Uganda is tremendously good for a traveler; he/she has to put some tips in check to get car hire services that will give him/her the best experience in Uganda.

Below are the tips for hassle free car hiring Uganda:

Make sure that you get both car rental and personal travel insurance

Any person traveling overseas needs personal travel insurance to safe guard himself from all unforeseen problems that might happen while on the journey like theft of luggage and self physical injuries. This is supposed to be gotten from the home country. In addition to personal travel insurance make sure that the rental car has comprehensive insurance that makes the traveler less liable of any unforeseen damages that might happen on the car while driving it. This gives the traveler a peace of mind knowing that he/she has shield in case of any problem on the voyage.

Take some time to read the car rental agreement

The car rental agreement is always a written document given to a person wishing to rent car from a company consisting of the terms and condition under which he/she is hiring the car. It is best for a traveler to read each and every clause of the agreement and in case he/she does not understand one ask the company for clarity. Remember if you violate any clause in the agreement, you are likely to pay a fine and thus incurring more costs on the car rental services.

Make sure you’re aware of the road rules in Uganda

Different countries have different road rules so as a traveler one has to know the speed limits, turning rules, overtaking etiquette and also the nature of other drivers on the roads. This makes the traveler to get full aware of the driving rules and policies in Uganda so that he/she does not fall short of being an offender due to ignorance. Offensive driving in Uganda comes with a premium fine or jail time so knowing the road rules is important for anyone wish to hire a car in Uganda.

Check the rental thoroughly before driving off

This is very important tip to all traveler hiring rentals overseas, it is best to inspect the vehicle you are wish to hire before hitting the road. Endeavor to check for the dents, scratches and also the mechanical condition of the car and take an extra mile to take photos of the rental car. This helps to avoid any misunderstandings between the company and the client over damages after using the car.

Having a valid and recognized driving permit

It is best to have an international driving permit which can be acquired from the driving authorities from your home country or if not make sure that your driving permit is translated in English a language used in Uganda. No traveler is allowed to hire a car without a clear driving license.

Pay any fines or tolls promptly

In case, you get a fine for any driving irregularity, please ensure you pay for it immediately to the authority concerned. The vehicles are always monitored in the traffic system in Uganda and if it defaults to pay a fine it will be confiscated and that will mean another fine in addition to the initial one. It is best to clear the fines at hand to avoid tangling with traffic authorities.

Advantages Manual Transmission rental cars Offers To Uganda Self Drive Travelers

 Automation may have taken over manual machines even in the car world but for Uganda car hire manual cars is more meritorious that an automatic transmission. 4×4 manual vehicles may look to be old fashion but they are very user friendly on a self drive car hire expedition.

Here are the advantages a 4×4 manual transmission vehicle has to offer to a traveler wishing to hire a car in Uganda:

  1. Staying in Control

Manual transmission gives the traveler the opportunity to be in full control of the car that is selecting the best gear for the speed and situation. There is no anticipation or prediction of what to do while driving a manual as the person is in control of the gears and the cars so the driver is able to come up with a solution of his/her own during accident bound situations.

  1. Available for Cheaper Prices

For travelers who are budget sensitive manual cars are the ideal cars as these are cheaper than the automatic cars to hire. There is no doubt about this as the models of automatic cars are newer than the manual cars yet car operators price tag their rental cars in accordance to the model and the size of the car. The traveler is likely to get a big bargain of a cheaper price when hires a manual car other than the automatic one.

  1. Low Maintenance

4×4 Uganda rental cars which are manual transmission are cheaper and are of low maintenance since they have simple machinery compared to the automatic cars that have sophisticated machinery. The machinery found in manual cars is always easy to maintain and their spare parts are readily available in most spare workshops in Uganda.

  1. Better Gas Mileage

Due to the less technology in manual cars, the engines consume less gas to run the system while driving the car and this puts manual cars in a good position to consume less gas than their automatic counterpart that have hi-tech of which it has to use lot of gas to run the driving system.

  1. Advantage of Skill

Manual transmission involves lots of technical know-how as the driver must be well conversant with the wheels. It involves comprehensive manual driving where by the driver has to control the gears and the speed of the car on his\her own which is not the case with automatic cars where by a driver has to only be in position to control the sterling, the accelerator and the brakes and he/she is good to go. With the automatic one becomes very dull and lazy as no skill or brain matter is used to drive the car.

It is best for the traveler to use manual cars for self drive car rental experiences in Uganda since most of the times it involves driving long distances of which manual cars have the best qualities  to martial up the ragged roads  of most of safari Uganda destinations.



It really sucks when the car fuel gauge starts warning while in the middle on the way yet you anticipated that the fuel pumped in was enough for the journey. This normally happens to travelers driving long distances and there are few gas stations in the far areas of Uganda and most people who hire 4×4 cars in Uganda from rental companies visit tourist sites that are located at long distances faraway from urban cities. So such travelers need to save fuel which can enable them reach their destinations without the hiccup of running out of fuel in the middle of the forest or highway.

Below are the things you should always do to save fuel on a self drive tour:

Drive at a moderate speed

The best method of sparing some fuel on a long distance journey is driving at the steady speed. It is commendable to drive at the speed of 50km/hr in areas with urban setting and on highway go for a moderate speed of 80km/hr.

Regulating the use of air conditioner

Most of the times it is always hot and it really feels so great to drive a car when the air conditioner is on but its problem that enhance high fuel consumption since it require some fuel to operate. It is best for one to regulate the use of it that is while on a tarmac highway, it is best to switch it off and use the natural fresh air through the windows

Ensure that the tyre pressure is at its best

Remember the lower the tyre pressure of the vehicle, the more power it needs to move on the road and hence leading to high fuel consumption. It is best to check the tyre pressure regularly while on the trip to save some fuel.

Do not over load the car

The more weight you apply on the car the more power the engine will use to operate its work of which it uses fuel to run. This implies that more fuel will be used. It is best for the traveler to carry the recommended weight for the car so that it does not consume the fuel at a fast rate.

Don’t drive during the traffic busy hours or rush hours

Not only does traffic jam frustrate but also come with a huge price since during traffic jam a traveler has to start and stop the car frequently. A car consumes some good amount of fuel while starting. It is best for one to avoid traveling during the rush hours. In Uganda, the rush hours are always in the morning form 7am to 10 am and in the evening from 4pm to 7pm

Ensure the rental car is serviced well

The operation of the engine impacts the fuel consumption of the car so if the engine is operating at its best , the fuel consumption is normal and if there is any fault on the engine, there is a possibility of high fuel consumption. Always hire a car that is well serviced and will fresh oil to avoid fuel irregularities.

Make full use of the car

When the car is kept dull or over parked the engine get cold and to ignite to full functioning it will require too much fuel. It is best to drive the car regularly other than keeping it thinking that you are saving fuel by not driving it.

By putting into use the above tips, the traveler is guarantee of saving some fuel while traveling and in the end avoiding getting struck in the middle of the journey because of running out of fuel.


Hiring a car for Airport Transfer – Tips to Make It a Smooth Experience

After a long haul flight, it is everybody’s dream to get a reliable and convenient means of ground transportation to lead him/her to his/her hotel or any other destination. But it may not look as simple as it seems that all the traveler needs to do is to book the car rental, there are some criteria that have to be undertaken in order to meet the traveler’s expectation of reliance and convenience. Remember today the world is liberal as everyone can start up his/her own car rental company and unfortunately enough not all these car rental companies are competent enough to give the traveler the services he/she may want.

So here are the tips to make an airport transfer car rental a smooth experience:

Look at the fleet of cars

Before the traveler books a rental car for an airport transfer, it is very commendable to check the fleet of cars the car rental company is offering to their customers on the websites. This gives the renter the room to choose the best rental car possible for his/her airport transfer. Normally car rental companies have different kinds of cars for hire that appeal to all sorts of people be it high end, middle class or the economy class of people. The rental cars are categorized by size here in Uganda that is the compact cars, sedans, SUVS and the crossovers. In most cases the big cars (SUVS) come with a big price but with greater services and the compact cars are cheap and with also good services so it is upon the client to know which car best suits his/her budget and then make a choice.

Stick to the same car rental services

When the traveler often travels to Uganda, it is better for him/her to use the same car rental services unless the traveler gets a bad experience by the first time he/she sued them. For that case, the traveler may opt to change. Staying with the same services creates loyalty between the traveler and the car rental company of which comes with great merits. For example, there are no prediction and surprises and the traveler has the experience of using the car rental services. There is likely to be a reduction in the prices of the car rental at which the traveler hires the vehicles as it is done to keep the customer around for such a longtime. The traveler can also get the car rental services on credit and later pays since they have a mutual understanding with the company. The loyal customer can get a rental car at anytime he/she wants be it at the last minute.

Booking in advance

Anything concerning travel must be done before hand as they are very many people wanting to take up the services. If the traveler is going to a certain destination, he/she must contact the car rental agent and reserve the rental before the date of traveling to his/her destination. This should be at a month to two weeks before the travel dates. This gives the traveler room to get a rental car of his/her choice without any panic. Furthermore, sometimes the car rental company gives a discount to their customers who book in advance.

Car rental is always the best means of transport for airport transfer services.


Car hire Uganda: why you need to choose professional car hire services

Car hire Uganda has become a powerhouse in Uganda’s transportation system as very many Ugandan residents and foreigners use them to travel to different places.  This transport option involves a traveler traversing in his/her own customized vehicle without any other unknown passenger as it might be with the public transport. Car hire services are used by people for Uganda safari tours both self guided or safari driver guided tours, city tours family vacations, airport transfers, sightseeing tours business conferences and social engagements like wedding ceremonies.

Car hire services can be found online or in travel magazines and also one can go on a head hurt on the streets of Kampala; he/she can never fail to get one. The car hire companies in Uganda provide good quality services of transportation and very many people have really felt the value for their money while using the services in Uganda.

Here are some of the reasons as to why you need to choose professional services:

  1. Service offerings

Car hire services normally appeal to all different needs of transportation and to all sects of people as they offer corporate services like business conference transfers, exquisite wedding ceremonies transportation by providing posh cars like the limousines and the luxury SUVs that can be used on corporate ceremonies. Car hire services are also used by people going for Uganda safari tours as there are 4×4 vehicles for hire like the land cruisers, Toyota RAV4s, the safari vans and furthermore, it also caters for family vacations as they are family vans that can be hired like the super customs.  Professional car hires services also provide airport transfers with elegance as the traveler is assured of safety and comfort while traversing out or into the airport.

In additional, the rental cars come with complementary facilities like food handles in the car, spacious seats, and gps navigator for self drive services, extra baby seats, mp3 player and radio and very wide trunk for luggage storage. With all those facilities, why not have a very comfortable and exciting travel experience in Uganda?

  1. No queuing

Right from booking the services, car hire services are hassle free as you don’t to queue up at the reservation offices waiting for the booking as this done through emailing and telephone contacting and the rental car is reserved for you. The booking can be done in your office, at home, in the car as they are very many technological devices like the smart phones, tablets and the laptops that are compatible to the websites of the cheap car hire services in Uganda. Furthermore, on picking up or delivering the rental car, you suggest your convenient place where to meet and the delivery guy is always on time, there is no waiting.

  1. Reliable

Car hire services are always at presence to meet the traveler’s needs. Car hire services operate 24/7s whenever, you call for them be it day or night they are there to serve you. Car hire services have professional drivers that can take you anywhere you would love to go in Uganda as fast as possible and in the safest way. These are always on time and they get the traveler to his/her destination in time. Delays are not excuses with car hire services.


Make a comparison of car rental companies before committing.

Many of the travelers partaking car rental services always make a mistake of booking a rental acr with the first car rental company they find or they are told. In Uganda different car rental companies have different ways of delivering services to their esteem customers and these target different customers. It is wise of the client to first go through car rental companies and make a comparison and contrast on which car rental agency that can best offer the services he/she wants while on her expedition in Uganda.

The traveler can basically find the car rental companies by going to the internet and on the web there are endless and these are so convenient as all the information and contacts of the car rental companies are found there and more so the reservation teams is always at the traveler’s services 24/7. The car rental companies can be also be found in travel magazines for instance in Uganda we have the pride magazine, the eye magazine, the pearl magazine, the Bradt book and the lonely planet book among the special ones.

However, it is not all about finding as many car rental companies as possible; there are those distinctive traits the traveler has to base on to get the best of the many car rental companies. The following traits are how the traveler is supposed to base on to make a comparison of the car rental companies:

The fleet of the cars: this is a very vital aspect in car rental business as the traveler has to look at the different rental cars the car rental companies are offering to their customers and make  a choice which of the car rental agency would hire him/her the vehicle of his/her preference. It is best for the traveler to get the car that suits her/her needs of travel other than going for a vehicle that would become a nightmare on the journey due to its fuel consumption or complication in driving it.

Look at the customer review/testimonials: what other people talk about a certain car rental company reflects what it can offer to its customers. Remember these have already tested the moment of truth, what they say are not imaginations so go by their words not what the car rental agent is saying. The reviews can be found on social media, customer panels on the car rental company websites and also popular travel sites like trip advisor and lonely planet.

The prices of hiring the rental cars: different car rental companies offer rental cars at different prices. There are those companies that offer good car rental services at affordable prices. Note that one should not be over taken by the low prices some companies as some of these are only attracting customers but their services deliverance is substandard. Always go for a rental company with standard prices and good services.

Extra services being offered by the car rental companies: there are those services that enhance the traveler’s experience on the road trip for instance travelers going for a self drive tour Uganda, they need touristic maps, GPS navigator, insurance coverage and at times camping gears for their tour so one has to get make a comparison an find which car rental companies that can offer those facilities.

Look at the car rental agreements: there are terms and conditions that are placed on a rental car wherever one is going to hire it. A rental car is an asset with a high value so there are always restriction and rules on handle to it when it’s in the traveler’s possession. The traveler has to look at the car rental agreement of different companies and go for that car rental company with less restriction on hiring a car.

In conclusion, it is commendable to compare car rental companies basing on the above traits before committing to a certain car rental company.

Tips for Safe and Proper Parking of Rental Cars in Uganda

Once one rents a car, it becomes one’s responsibility to take good care of it albeit having insurance. When it is damaged or stolen due to negligence the renter is responsible for the liability/misfortune. Parking a rental car in safe way is one of the signs of taking up responsibility of a rental car. Rental cars are sometimes targets for theft due to the fact that rental cars are normally used by foreign travelers in Uganda so the robbers take advantage of the naivety of the renters for not knowing the country very well and the social impurities in it. This has not been as much of a problem in Uganda but we have to foresee the possible   calamities i.e. stealing or damaging a rental car due to lousy parking by bring car renters tips of safe parking of rental cars in Uganda.

Do not park a rental car in a dark places: parking a vehicle is dark places where by the vehicle cannot be easily seen by passersby is very risk. This is because it becomes prone to theft as one who may intend to steal it has an advantage of not being seen by anyone while taking it. Always park the park in a bright lit place, a place where the public can see the car.

Do not park the rental car on busy or narrow lanes. There is a high chance of the rental car uganda getting dents and scratches from people and other locomotives passing by. It is better to park the car in a less busy and wide lot so it does not compete for space with any other party.

Ensure that all the doors and windows are locked when the car is parked. This is for the safety of the valuables and also the car. There are always crooks in Uganda always willing to take advantage of unlocked cars so that they can steal the valuable left in them. This normally happens in the busy cities of Uganda. In additional, make sure all the systems are turned off that is the lights, radio, air conditioners and other systems in the cars. This is done to avoid battery discharge.

Uganda is somehow a hot country as it receives temperatures that are above 30⁰c on some occasions and remember too much heat can cause heating up of a car engine thus leading to a car breakdown. So one has to make sure that the rental car is parked under some shade but not a place like a building under construction or a loose tree where one expects falling debris that can damage it.

While at shopping malls, markets and tourist sites park the rental car in the space that is reserved for parking. Never park a car in a place where you are not authorized. This can lead you from paying a premium fine or getting arrested. Furthermore, in some places in Uganda, one has to pay for the parking lots so make sure you pay your parking ticket of given to you.

Safe parking is always good for every traveler as it saves one from damaging the car and also from stealing it. It is also a good gesture of a law abiding citizen.

Do You Make These Car Rental Mistakes?

There is a saying that mistakes are common to every human being but sometimes when one makes the same mistake over and over it becomes a habit and we could not like the traveler makes the following mistakes in car rental world a habit as the traveler reads this article he/she should take note of everything so that for the next car rental they are perfectly amended.

Forget to inspect the car’s condition

When the rental car is delivered to the renter, he/she should check it thoroughly for the dents, scratches and other mechanical faults that may be on it. However some people forget to check the condition of the vehicle and car hire companies blame them for the damages that already existed before the client took up the car of which the client ends up paying unnecessary bills. It is recommendable to check the vehicle with the delivery guy and also take photos of the car before traversing to the destinations.

Don’t read the terms and conditions of the car rental agreement carefully

This is a very common mistake among very many car renters in Uganda as they do not read the terms and conditions carefully at which they are renting a car. They tend to be very anxious and excited on booking a rental car and forget to read the clauses in the agreement. Car rental agreement clauses are very tricky when violated they can lead to the renter paying lots of money. Some of the tricky clauses are fuel refill, early return, and unlimited mileage. So the renter has to be careful as he/she is given this whitepaper, please read and understand each and every term and condition in the car rental agreement.

Don’t clean up the rental car after using it

Car renters tend to leave vehicles dirty after using them but this is not a good gesture. So it is recommendable to get back the rental car as clean as you can. Remember when driving a rental car in Uganda, one has to drive on marram roads that are dusty and sometimes when eating the renter may leave the leftover snacks, fries and bottles in the car so may sure after the expedition take it to the washing bay to clean it up.

Don’t use the Internet to look for best deals

Some people do not use the internet to search for car rental services, all they do is go to a colleague only or just land a random car rental company on the streets then hire a vehicle. This is a very dangerous act as sometimes it may not be your lucky day and you land on a very incompetent company that will ruin your car rental experience as they may charge you highly and or at times offer to you very substandard services. There are very many car rental companies that are found the internet that have very good services at affordable prices and on the internet you have a wide range of choices to get from.

In addition to the above, one should also not over rely on the internet as you have to take an extra mile and get offline to look for the car rental services. This can be done by asking a colleague that has ever traveled to the destination one is traveling to and also get to the streets and look for one or get to popular travel magazines and look for one. One has also to contact them through telephone as this may build a good rapport between the renter and the car rental company thus getting the car hire services at a relatively lower price.


A Guide to Self Drive in Uganda

A Complete Guide to Self Drive in Uganda

Going for a self drive trip in Uganda? Either you are travelling with your family or alone to a certain tourism destinations like a national park or a serene place for a picnic, you have to put some driving tips in your mind in order to avoid accidents, traffic and make the journey a very comfortable one and they are as follow:

When going to for a long distance drive, the traveler has to make sure that he/she gets enough sleep so that the body gets enough rest to get ready for tomorrow’s long expedition without accumulating serious fatigue. The fatigue sometimes leads to getting stressed which may ruin your mood for the trip or at times leads the driver to making careless mistakes that can lead to accidents. In addition, the traveler has to eat enough food while going for a trip as this the food gives him/her enough energy to stay long on the sterling.

Make stopovers for refreshment and stretching your body as it is not good for the body to be in one posture for some hours as it might get paralyzed while driving and this may lead to causing an accident as the body may not have enough control over the car. Always pullover and get some fresh air and snacks to refresh the mind and also the body at large. Furthermore when making a stopover, the traveler has to park the car in a trading centre or town where there is enough security and this should not be at the shoulder of the road.

In Uganda, the speed limit is commonly 80kms/hr on highways and on town roads, it is 50kms/hr and you have to follow the rules of speed as over speeding cause accidents. The speed limits are most of the times indicated on sign posts on the roadside always look at them to know the speed you are supposed to drive on a specific road.

The driver should always fasten the seat belt while driving and this is so useful in case of collision with another car and also it is a driving rule in Uganda if you break it, you are considered an offender.

Take into account the laws concerning a mobile phone while driving. In Uganda, it is condemned to use a mobile phone while driving. The phone should always be away while driving and if you want to use it pullover and then knock yourself out. If pulling over is going to inconvenience you then it is better you carry a Bluetooth device with you to help you communicate while driving.

It is always good when driving a car rental alone to turn on the radio or get your music carried on a flash disk as most rental cars Uganda have mp3 players. This keeps the driver at bay not to get bored while on the way. It is also advisable to regularly open the windows while driving as the fresh air will keep up long on the road without tiring out. When traveling in a group, it is commendable to share the sterling as everyone gets time to rest.

Every tom dick and harry knows this driving rule that never be under drug influence that is alcohol, cocaine, marijuana among the common one while driving a car. These drugs impair your brain of which one loses his/her normal judgment and driving needs when one is very conscious. Thousands of people die of road accident in the world due to driving under the influence of drugs.

Always carry some self driving enhancements like a tourist map, GPS and also get smart phone apps such as Waze or Google maps as these help the driver in getting the bearings/locations and route of the destinations he/she going to. Apps like Google maps or waze help the driver in knowing the traffic situation on certain roads.

When taking up a rental car for selfdrive, always first get familiar with it and all its apparatus like the brakes, horn, fuel opener, music and radio player and the hazard lights. In case you do not something about the vehicle seek help from the car rental agent.

Keep your belongings in the safest place in the car possible and in that case it is the trunk. When getting out of the car for refreshment make sure the car is properly locked.

Learn about the Uganda traffic laws as different countries have different laws of driving so do think that the laws are universal. Tell your car provider to brief the driving conditions and also the traffic laws in Uganda. You can as well find them on the internet.

Before starting an expedition, make sure that the rental car is a good condition that is the fuel tank is full, the all the fluids are full levels and the tyres have tidings and are well pumped. By checking the condition of the car makes the traveler minimize the inconveniences of the car breakdown while driving. in addition, the traveler has to make sure that he/she gets to know the nearby petrol stations and the mechanic shop for fuel refilling and car repair respectively.

Make sure that the rental car has comprehensive insurance as this makes the car renter less liable of any damages that make happen to the car while driving it. If the car renter has car rental insurance he/she can as well use.

Always carry enough water in you’re the rental car for both drinking and car usage. Uganda lies in the tropics so the temperatures can rise up to 38⁰C of which you are required to drink a lot of water to avoid concussion or dehydrating and for the case of the car, the water cools it down as it can explode due to the high temperatures. In addition to the former make sure, you park the car under some shade in order to heat up.

Make sure that you get to carry some medicine while taking a self drive in Uganda and this should be done under the doctor’s prescription. Also get to know the local healthy centers of the various tourism destination, you are traversing to by getting their address and contact.