Things Need to Take Care When Renting a Car in Uganda

Renting a car in Uganda is quite tricky especially when it is your first time. There are genuine rental companies that are helpful to their customers to rent a car that meet their actual needs of traveling and there are those rental companies that are after money in that they can get you a car that is not up to your needs.  Therefore, it is best for a client to have some clue of how to rent a car in Uganda by knowing the things he/she needs to take care of.

The price of the rental car

This is an important thing to take care when renting a car in Uganda. You should always get a vehicle with a price tag that fits your billing. Do not go for a car that may turn to be a nightmare to your pockets. Car rental companies have vehicles that suit all people from different financial background that is economy vehicles, mid range cars and luxury cars. It is best to know whether your status and get the vehicle that gives you a peace of mind in terms of finances.

The size of the car

Different travel needs call for different types of cars. Car rental companies have compact cars, mid size car and large cars. So when renting car in Uganda always look at the number of people you are traveling with and consider the size of the car. For instance if you are traveling with a family, you should know that a large car (safari van) is the ideal one.

The features of the rental car

Your road trip should always be an experience to remember. The features of the rental car are one of the things that can give an amazing road trip experience. A car with food and drink handlers, spacious and comfortable seats, radio and mp3 player and air conditioner is the ideal car to rent.


When renting a car in Uganda, you should know how safe that rental car. it should be having comprehensive insurance that makes less liable of the damages that may happen on the car in case of an accident. There should also be immediate road assistance if the vehicle breaks down. You should also look at its mechanical conditions as this gives you certainty on the road.

Extra facilities offered

You should also take care of the extra travel facilities that are complemented to the rental car. the facilities that are normally given out are the travel maps, guide books, gps and extra baby seats. If you need one of them then you need to ask from the rental company.



Fundamental Steps for hiring a self drive rental car in Uganda

Fundamental Steps for hiring a self drive rental car in Uganda


Self drive tour in Uganda is one hell of an experience as you get to discover the unique flora and fauna   as you drive through the wonderful green scenery of Uganda.  A self drive tour is very amazing but hiring the right rental car is a very tricky scheme in that if you do not follow the right procedures of hiring the self drive rental car, you might get a nightmare experience.

Here we bring to you the fundamental steps for hiring a self drive rental car in Uganda

Make a research before booking

The first thing to do is make a research of car rental companies that can offer good services. You can do this through the internet as there are a bunch of them. Look through them and identify your best take.

Look at the customer reviews

When you choose a few of your best take, look at what the previous customers said about the car rental services. Remember these have experience the moment of truth and what is on the website is normally to entice clients. The customer reviews gives you the hint what the car rental company’s services are all about.

Identify the rental car for your travel

There are different kinds of vehicles that are offered by car rental companies from compact, mid size to large cars. It is best to know the kind of car you need for your travel. Choose a vehicle in order to the nature of travel you are taking up. For instance if you are going to visit the national parks in Uganda, it is best for to get a 4×4 rental car that can maneuver through the raged roads in the parks and also the remote areas.

Know the average price of the rental cars

By looking at the different vehicle rates of car rental companies, you get to know square price for renting the different vehicles. This puts you in position of not being over priced and thus saving some money on a self drive rental car.

Ask for the extra services being offered

In many cases when you are renting a car for self drive in Uganda, you need some supplementary facilities that can enhance your travel experience and the common facilities are the gps, camping gears, extra infant seat, travel maps and guide book. If you need any of the supplementary facilities, ask for them beforehand so that they can be provided to you.

Know the mode of payment for the rental car

It is very fundamental to know the mode of payment being used by the car rental companies. In Uganda most car rental companies use the cash mode and the electronic transfer mode.

The above fundamental steps of hiring a self drive rental car in Uganda cross cut through all car rental companies as you are never going to find any other better way to get a rental car.




Tips For Choosing 4×4 Uganda car hire Services

4×4 Uganda car hire services have grown phenomenally around the country in the last few years. Many travelers turn to the services for different travel purposes for instance airport transfers, wildlife safari tours, business tour and other transport oriented activities. Car hire services are fast, convenient and comfort to use while traveling in Uganda. Though car hire services are very yielding when you use them, you have to follow some tips while choosing the rental company to offer you the services.

Reputation of the rental company

Before making business with the company make sure you first keep track of their past records that are by either looking at their customer reviews and the duration of time they have been in the car rental business. What the previous customers say about the rental company is what the company gives in terms of services.  So with the customer reviews put into check it gives you certainty that car operators are experienced and have vast skills that can give you good service delivery and also can bail you out in case of any problem while on the road

Safety precautions

Always check the safety measures put in place while choosing a 4×4 Uganda car hire service. The rental car should always have comprehensive insurance that caters for the damages that may occur to the car while on the road. There should also be immediate road assistance in case of a car breakdown. The emergency numbers of the social amenities like police and health centers should also be given to the clients as you may need to call for help from these social authorities in case of any problem like robbery, body damages.

Overall car rental service quality

Every person loves to be associated with something of good quality because it gives a peace of mind and also creates a good impression. So while choosing 4×4 Uganda car hire services, you should look for a rental company with very exquisite vehicles that are well maintained. The company should also have complementary services like gps, extra baby seats, camping gears and travel maps or guide books to make you trip an enjoyable and classy one. The reservation personnel and ground operators should also be well qualified and high experienced so that they can help you when you need them.

Therefore do not just choose car hire services in Uganda by the prices you have to look for the above attributes to hit the right spot of services that are going to make your road trip a memorable one.

Things to consider while renting a car in Uganda for a family vacation

Renting a car for a family vacation in Uganda is very much rewarding as you are able to travel altogether in one vehicle without any intruder overlooking your privacy. It also gives you room to travel to any place at any given time without any restrictions with your family in Uganda. The other key benefit it gives is saving some money as for the case of the rental car you pay a square price for the vehicle regardless of the number of people you are carrying but with other means of transport, you are charged per person which might end up being quite expensive for the vacation family. Renting a car in Uganda for a family vacation is very rewarding but it needs lots of critical situations and factors to look at to make it a successful one.

Here are the things to consider while renting a car in Uganda for a family vacation;

The reputation of the rental company

Remember you are traveling with a family which is very delicate, so you do not have to take so many risks; you have to get a rental company that has very good reviews from its customers and also has been in the business for quite some time.  A reputable company is needed due to the fact that they are experienced in the rental business in that they can help in any way or other in case there is a problem while traveling.

The nature of the car

A family involves a number of people so one has to get a large vehicle that can accommodate all the family members at ago. Getting a large vehicle will make you travel with ample space thus being comfortable on the road. Do not book by the appearance of the car; you should go for the capacity of the car when it comes to traveling with family. The features of the cars should also be looked at like the food and drink handles and also a music player should be available to have a good time on the way.

The price of the rental car

Traveling with a family comes with a very big expenditure so you have to find a way from saving some money from other travel items. Car rentals is one travel item, you can play around a get it cheap. It is best to know the price of the rental car as rental companies in Uganda have fleets of cars of all kinds luxury, mid range and budget so you should for a rental car that fits your financial billing.

Complementary travel items on the rental car

Going to a family vacation requires you to carry some other travel items other than the rental car.  a family may consist of an infant which may require you to carry an extra baby seat in the car and more to that a fridge for your drinks which be needed.

The insurance coverage

Insurance is very key factor while traveling whether with family or not. Renting a car in Uganda sometimes involves lots of problems that are not foreseen like car damages, car breakdowns and car theft.  It is best to ask for the rental company to get you comprehensive insurance that makes you less liable of the problems that may happen to the car while driving it.

In addition, you should also get personal travel insurance for each member of your family from your insurance company at home so that your family is safeguarded from the calamities that may occur while traveling.




Traits of a good Uganda self drive car rental services

Traits of a good Uganda self drive car rental services

In this new world of finding challenges to undertake, self drive safaris have become a norm in the travel world. Many people around the globe want to get out of their comfortable zone to take up with something new and very challenging g. Here in Uganda, we have self drive safaris where by a traveler hires a car from a rental company and he/she explores a certain destination on his/her own.  With the high demand of self drive car rental services, Rental Company are mushrooming like it is no one’s business so a traveler has to be so critical to get good services that can enable him/her have a very successful rental experience in Uganda.

Therefore while you wish to book for Uganda self drive car rental services, you have to look at these traits as explained below:

User friendly services

When booking for self drive rental services, there has to be a system that appeals to each and every person to make it convenient for one to access the services. There should be less paper work to acquire the rental services. It should be user friendly and this system should be with up-to-date technology. So one has to book with a rental company that has a booking system which can be accessed through on the internet on gadgets like phones, tablets and computers that always make people’s lives so easy to accomplish a task.

Reliable services

Reliable services one of the most essential traits travelers look at from the car rental services. Travelers love it when the transportation means so punctual and always available to traverse them anywhere they feel like. Remember most of the people that use car rental services have no time frame of traveling as they can travel at any time of the day and this requires services that are always in position to meet their demands and needs.

The quality of the rental car

When you go for car rental services, you expect some sort of executive treat as opposed to the public transport. The rental car must be in good shape and so clean so that you can feel the value for your money and creates a very good impression from the onlookers while riding in the vehicle. A good rental car also guarantees you safety on the road as it is less likely to get a mechanical breakdown while on your expedition.

Competent personnel

This is one of the most sensitive traits of a good Uganda self drive car rental services as no client or customer would love to deal with attendants or stuff that is no good. The personnel from the reservation team to the delivery boy should have good customer care, vast knowledge about travel and car rental services and should also be very honest and trustworthy. This gives the client a peace of mind and trust to the rental company as he/she knows at the back of his/her mind that in case of anything the company will be able to sort it out.

When you find the above traits in a rental company, go for their services as they will guarantee your reliance, convenience and safety of which the latter attributes are what every traveler looks at in self drive car rental services.





Know the merits of Booking Uganda car rental Services

Transportation is one of the  essential tool in life as a person can never be in one place for his/her entire life, he/she has to move from one place to another. There are motives that make one move from one place to another. The main motives are business, visiting family and friends, permanent migration and also exploring other places that you may have not been to before.  People in Uganda use different means of transport to travel to different places but many who have used the car rental services have stuck to them and they never want to use any other means as the car rental services have very many advantages and rewards they give to the traveler.

So in case you may want to use Uganda car rental services for your next travel, we make you know the merits of booking them and they are as follow:

Always Available

Car rental services are always available at anytime you need them. They d not have a scheduled timetable to operate. Once you book for the rentals, you will travel at any given time of the day with no restrictions and no extra charge.

Reasonable Fares

The prices to hire a car in Uganda are standard as once you agree on the price with the car rental company; it will always be the same price regardless of where you are going. Car rental services normally charge fare per day and you are able to travel anywhere you feel like and this makes it even cheaper than the public transport that charges per the distance you take.

Are Flexible

When you book with car rental services, you have the room to change your travel schedule at any given time since the services are exclusively reserved for you. You can choose where to go and also the time. You are also able to change the vehicle to another one where need be.

Professionalism is conducted

The car rental services have very skilled and experienced personnel that give you the best customer care services you may want in the world thus making you feel at home. They also give out travel information that you may need for your expedition. There are also problem solvers as they know what to do in case of any problem that may happen while traveling without bring tension that may pound stress on you.

Saves Time

Using car rental services Uganda also saves time and effort. The rental car is always delivered at your convenient place that is the airport, home, hotel or any other place that is convenient for you. Further ore, car rental services do not have stopovers to wait for other passengers to board or disembark. They are customized to only one client of whom they lead to his/her destination straight up.

Hassle Free Booking

The booking of the car rental services is fast and easy as you just have to do a few clicks on your computer in the sitting room or bedroom and then you are good to go or make a phone call which is not the case with the public means where you have to the ticket terminal and make a queue to book for it.

Car rental services are advantageous to people in Uganda in that they bring comfort, urgency, convenience and reliance to people’s travel experiences.


Car rental safety during a Uganda self drive expedition

Car rental safety during a Uganda self drive expedition

Of lately in Uganda very many tourists who come to visit the various tourism destinations have embarked on self guided tours where they just rent a car and then travel own their own without a safari guide. These are commonly known as Uganda self drive expedition and many people have enjoyed them since they offer independence, adventure and privacy.  Though these kinds of expeditions are so amazing to take, there has to be safety precautions or measure put in place to have a successful one.

   The car rental safety measures taken before setting off for your Uganda self drive expedition

Although, you might be in a rush to get to your trip, try to get sometime and get familiar with the rental car by asking the delivery personnel where the essential tools are and also go for a road test.

Check the rental car if it does have some damages

Find out if the lighting, wipers, mirrors, indicators, and the car controls are in good condition so that you do not get any system breakdown problem while driving.

Set the mirror and the seat in your comfortable position before setting off.

You should also ask for the most convenient route on your travel itinerary and in addition get to know how to use the gps or travel maps that are given to you by the rental company.

The most important safety precaution while renting a car is the insurance. Normally in Uganda all rental cars given out for self drive expedition have comprehensive insurance which covers for the damages that may happen on the car while driving it. The insurance makes the client less liable of the costs of the damages that may have happened on the rental car during the expedition.

You should also solicit for road assistance that can rescue you in case of a car breakdown while on a Uganda self drive. You never what might happen on the road, the car can stop operating and you need to have immediate help from the rental company so that you can get back to the road right away in order to complete your trip. Road assistance can be getting you an emergency car in case the other has broken down or getting a mechanic on board to amend the problem as soon as possible.

It is best for you to also but personal travel insurance as the car rental insurance does not cater for the damages that might happen to you and belongings while driving in Uganda. So before you leave your home get yourself personal travel insurance.

Car rental safety while on a Uganda self drive expedition

Try as much as possible not to drive at night especially in strange place. Most of the people who take up self drive expeditions in Uganda are foreign to the country so at night it becomes so difficult for one who is not well conversant with the roads to drive without making errors.

Always follow the road signs as per put on the road side. These will always help you to drive safely without causing any offense or accident on the road.

Try to lock up all the doors while leaving the rental car and keep all your belongings in a safe and out of sight from the public while on an expedition.

Always park the rental in a public place or in place where you can easily keep sight of it.

It may sound mean but it is for your own safety. Do not give out lifts to strangers you meet by the road side.

Therefore if you take up the above car rental safety tip while on a Uganda self drive expedition, you are likely to have a very sound trip with no security problems.


Things to Check Before You Rent a 4×4 Car in Uganda

Renting a 4×4 car in Uganda can save traveler lots of problems while traveling that is to say delays due to stopovers on the ways and inconvenience of the means of transport in that some means are timetable and also have specific points to stop. Renting a car in Uganda beats all the latter problems as it is exclusively hired to one person and has no schedule and a traveler can go anywhere he/she wants in context it provides convenience and reliance while traveling.

However, there are certain few things you have to check before you rent a 4×4 car in Uganda.

The first thing to check out while renting a car in Uganda is whether the vehicle suits the purpose of your travel. Do not get a car that will become a nightmare while in the field.  For Uganda self drive safari, it is best to hire a four wheel drive car like a Toyota rav4 or Toyota land cruiser.

The second thing to check when renting a  4×4 car in Uganda is the items of the rental package that is  to say the rental insurance, road assistance, unlimited mileage, baby seats, and gps. Every standard car rental package given to a client always describes the latter listed items and should be given at around price with the actual vehicle with no hidden costs.

Once the car rental company has guaranteed you the above mentioned car rental items make sure that they are indicated in the car rental contract you will to sign on.  This gives verification that the items that you asked for were given to you by the car rental company.

You should also check what the requirements needed while are renting a car in Uganda. The main requirements of acquiring a rental car in Uganda are having an identification card, driving license and the tool for payment of the rental services.

You should also check out how the 4×4 rental car is going to be delivered to you. You should ask the car rental company where you are going to pick up the car whether at their premises, airport or hotel. They should also give you the name of the person that is going to attend to you when picking up the car.

In addition you should get to know the arrangement of drop off the rental car that is where you will drop off the car after your expedition and also if you are to pay a certain fee in case you are dropping it off at your place of convenience that is not easily accessible for the car rental company.

The next thing to check when renting a car in Uganda is the driving laws, rules and regulation. Get to know about the road signage and also the driving lanes. In Uganda we should the right hand lane for driving. Every country has different driving laws so try to get familiar with the driving rules governing motorist on the roads and also to know the nature of the road users or driving culture in Uganda.  This will make get an insight of what to expect on the roads of Uganda.

In order to have a wonderful car rental expedition in Uganda, you have to follow the above check list.

Reasons Why You Need to Choose online 4 x 4 Uganda Car Hire Services

Car hire services in Uganda offer a great aid in transportation of people from one destination to another due to their high quality services that make the traveler’s journey a comfortable one. One can find car hire services in very many ways but the ones that are of greater deals are the ones found online or the internet. There are very many car hire services in Uganda that are found the internet and these are always in a poll position to offer its customer the best transportation services in Uganda.

Here are the reasons as to why you need to choose online Uganda car hire services

Quick to reserve the rental car

The service provision of online car hire services is phenomenon in that they are quick and very convenient. While a client is booking car hire services online he/she does not have to take long to complete the deal. The traveler just has to do a few clicks here and there and also place his/her inquire then he/she is given a quick response about the services he/she intends to take up. When the traveler is interested in the services after the reply from the reservation, he/she is reserved the car rental and done deal. There is nothing like queuing up on the car hire counter which consumes a lot of time and at times brings stress.

Convenient to book

With online car rental services the booking is done on your computer, phone or any internet compatible gadget with so much easy. So the client can do the booking anywhere he/she might be at any given time since he/she is doing the rental booking on a portable gadget that can be carried wherever he/she goes.

Variety to choose

Online  Uganda car hire services have a wide fleet of rental cars displayed on their websites so the client has a variety of option to choose from. This makes the client to select one of the best car he/she trusts to travel by in Uganda. This brings self-satisfaction and amusement as the client travels in the car that he/she thinks is the best for him/her.

Offer competitive car rental rates

Since there are very many online rental companies, online car rental services always offer fair prices to their customers compared to their counter parts. The fair or low rates are given to ward off their competitors and attract customers.


Online car rental services are always available at anytime a traveler needs them. Online rental companies are always waiting for customers to inquire about the services and always ready to offer them the rental services. On top of that a traveler can use the rental car at any given time of the day and traveler at any given place without any restriction as long as it is indicated on the itinerary.

When looking for transportation services in Uganda, online car rental services should always be given first priorities as they offer convenience, reliance and they are cheaper than the rest of the services.


Hiring A rental car in Uganda? Considerations To Make

There are very many situations that one would need to hire a rental car. It could be that one is looking to tour around Uganda, Entebbe airport transfer, city tour, business trip, school tour or may be the private car has got a problem. Good enough there are very many car rental companies always for waiting for travelers to rent a car from them. Not all car rental services are that effective so one has to put some factors into consideration to have comfortable and convenient car rental services.

Below are the factors one has to put into consideration while hiring a rental car in Uganda.

The vehicle size

While renting a car in Uganda, the size of the vehicle always matters due to the fact that different sizes of cars come with different price tags and significance car rental companies have a fleet of cars from small, medium to large cars that serve different purposes to travelers. It is therefore advice to know the best size of car for the traveler’s experience and its price tag should always be in check. For instance a family vacation demands for a large rental car like a safari van or super custom whereas a couple calls for small car like a Toyota RAV4.

Chauffeur added services

Ensure that the car hire company has an option of hiring a driver. At times, a traveler may wish to do a self drive in a particular country but end up the changing his/her mind opting to go for a chauffeur to traverse him/her around the country. It is best for one to put this factor into consideration.

Rental periods

Try to know the length of rental periods as per the price. Most car rental companies in Uganda give away discounts to customers who normally hire for a long period that is a week and more. It is best to take advantage of the situation and rent a car for a long time and enjoy the rental experience at a reduced price.

Rental restrictions

There are very many policies and rules encompassed around the car rental business. There are always terms and condition under which the traveler has to follow and undergo while hiring a car in Uganda due to the fact that there are very many risks involved in the venture like accidents and theft. There are driving and usage rules and insurance policies of the rental stipulated to the customer to follow. Any rational customer would want to lesser restrictions for a rental car.

Rental car features

The traveler should always try to know the type of the car and its feature he/she is wish to hire. It is best for the car provider to even get the photos to the client. Look at whether it has 4 wheel drive, air conditioning system, spacious, music player and radio and also look at the external features of the car to make sure that best suits the expedition one is willing to partake.

Car rental in Uganda comes with very flexible rates depending on the vehicle for the client’s travel. Choose a Uganda car rental company whose terms and conditions are convenient and put the travelers requirements into check.

when you rent a car in uganda, you have a glorious opportunity of enjoying safari trip at own pace in Uganda. Trips like gorilla tours safari can be very adventurous and exciting if you decide to be your guide.