Tips For Using Car Rentals In Uganda

In Uganda you drive on the left, you get stopped by the traffic officers and you can buy lots of fresh fruits and roasted meat along the road. A self drive holiday in Uganda is a truly beautiful and unique adventure. Car hiring in Uganda is not a scary or complicated adventure but it does require some foresight and there are some things you should take into account when planning a safari.

The unreliable public transport is something that is part of the course in Uganda, Car hiring in Uganda is a good way to ensure that your holiday is smooth and to guarantee that you get to see the sights that you want to see when you want to see. There are a few basic tips, some universal, when choosing to take part in a holiday involving car hire in Uganda.

From the beginning and before you start to believe that the roads have been taken over by policemen; the police officers are just everywhere and in places you least expect them that where they lay their ambush. Car hire companies are represented in most of the towns in Uganda whereby you can pick your rental car up at one center or airport and then drop it off at a different location.

The Ugandan authorities will accept the valid driver’s license as long as it includes a photo and is printed in English. Car hire in Uganda may require you to produce an international driver’s license before they allow you to rent a car in Uganda. It’s important that you check with your travel agent or car hire agent before you depart.

The petrol stations are not self service and the attendant will normally offer to check your oil and water plus cleaning your wind screen but our rental cars are fully serviced, no need for checking oil, these can be offered some commission of 1 to 5 dollars.

The speed limits and distances are also signs posted in kilometers are the speedometers in the car hire are well known for the well maintaining of road network. Distances between the towns can be vast though so plan your trip carefully, keep an eye on your petrol gauge and don’t pass up an opportunity to fill up.

The self drive safaris in Uganda are incredibly rewarding and with some foresight and planning it will create amazing memories. It’s vital that you speak to your travel agent and carefully your car hire.



Main Tips For The Right Choice of Self Drive Rental in Uganda

There is nothing that beats the pleasure of hiring a self drive rental in Uganda. This travel option has incentives like unlimited mileage, the well serviced cars, and everything about it seems to be fantastic, most especially when it’s a 4×4 safari vehicle, you get to go through all the terrain unrivalled. On the other hand, planning a Uganda self drive safari is always demanding and just like the other arrangements, the rental cars in Uganda will also need quite an effort to decide on. No matter what your location to discover, these tips are surely going to help you with getting the most out of your Uganda self drive safari.

Your particular safari route; always know your route before selecting a vehicle, it’s necessary to determine what route you are going to take in yourself drive safari. Depending on the terrain, the vehicle will be able to pass through all kinds of terrains. For example, for the safari land cruiser or the Toyota RAV4 rental car will act the best in up country safaris. With Uganda car rental providers, the options are endless and you just need to get the best.

The size of the vehicle; it’s also vital to hire a car that will give you comfort that you deserve. We also advise you on the number of passengers that suits a particular vehicle. The safari rent car should have enough space for the luggage of the travelers and other facilities like the camping gears for those interested in camping safaris.

Timing and convenience; it’s good to keep time and avoid driving at night, you should be aware of the travel distances to different areas in Uganda so that you travel safely. The rental cars are provided on unlimited mileage, so drive at your own pace and do not over speed because you might cause an accident and also miss out on the wonderful scenery.

The type of vehicle to pick; self drive companies have been offering wide range of vehicles such as hatch backs, sedans, suvs etc. From different brands, you can also take luxury machines and sports cars categories, for driving enthusiasts willing to adventure the trill and experience driving in big fast cars. But for the middle class clients, the smarter way to decide is based on the number of traveler’s luggage and the comfort level.

Always don’t ignore the other costs; when you are getting yourself a self drive vehicle, you are not paying for the rent, the car companies also ask for other charges as the refundable security deposit, cost of damage, and other penalties. The security deposit usually ranges between shs 50000 to 300,000, with the damage costs deducted from the deposit

Always check the network at your chosen destination; before you opt for a self drive car to head to any destination, make sure to check the network coverage of that area, while you are roaming around in that particular city, you would need to stay constantly online to keep a tab on the nearby places and stay connected during emergency situations.

4 Useful Tips to Book a Reliable 4×4 Uganda Self Drive Car Hire Service

A comfortable and convenient Uganda self-drive trip can take a lot of intensive planning and preparation. The planning and preparation requires booking the right accommodation, reserving  a reliable 4×4 self-drive rental and also designing the right itinerary in order to make full most of your travel experience in Uganda. All the tour items as mentioned previously are paramount but the transport means is precedes others. It is important for the traveler to book the right 4×4 self-drive car hire services as they are the means that lead him/her to the tourism destinations he or she may wish to visit.

Here are the tips to book a reliable 4×4 Uganda self-drive car hire services

Compare price quotations

As you get replies from the different car rental companies take note of their rates as you get to make a comparison.  With the comparison made, you will be in position to choose the best rate possible. Go for that price that best suits your travel budget so that you can spare some money to spend on other tour item. However, it should be noted do not just go by the lowest price available for you because at times behind the low prices there are hidden costs that may make you incur hefty costs at the end of the day. it is best to go for that competitive price quotation with no hidden cost, every expense must be included in the final quotation.

Book online

The internet is the number one source of reliable car rental services in Uganda. There are very many genuine and competent car rental companies online. For a traveler look for car rental services just get to the internet and book with one. The companies are so many and you can never run out of choice and to added advantage, these have the best prices compared to ground companies.

Furthermore in this day and age generation most of the things are easily done online and why not try out online Uganda car rental services.

Engage with the car rental operator

While booking Uganda car rental services, ensure that you take through the car rental operator your travel plans. By engaging the car provider, he/she can help you by advising you the best 4×4 rental car to book. Remember there are a fleet of cars to hire and most of the times travelers do not exactly know the best car for their travel so when you engage with the car provider he/she will suggest for you the best car.

Plan for delivery and drop off points

It is best for the traveler to plan for where he/she will be picking the rental car from the car provider to set off for his/her trip and also the drop off point after the trip. Putting the drop off and delivery points into account, it minimizes delays which are one of the main inconveniences on a self-drive trip in Uganda. In Uganda, the delivery and drop off points are normally the hotels or airport.

Uganda has so many reliable car rental services but one has to take a keen eye in order to make the right choice of services that will make him/her have a very successful travel experience Uganda.

5 Tips of Uganda Self Drive Safaris to Sole Travelers

The concept of solo traveling has become so popular among tourists who come to Uganda. The benefits of solo traveling are crystal clear since it gives the tourist the freedom to do whatever he/she wants. In addition solo travelers have an opportunity to cover a wide range of tourist places and also to interact with the locals and also make new friends on your travel. Most of these solo travelers engage in self-drive safaris since they do not want to put up with anyone while traveling even though it is a driver guide. They always want to travel on their own without any guidance or tutelage of anyone. They always say they want to enjoy the ultimate adventure in an adventurous country like Uganda.

Though it is fun to go for a Uganda self-drive safari for sole travelers there are some challenges that one might face along the way which in the end might make the trip one hell of an experience. There has to be some guidelines to follow in order to make your Uganda self-drive safari easy.

We bring to you tips of Uganda self-drive safaris to sole travelers;

Pack all the necessary safari equipment

While traveling to the national parks of Uganda, there are specific travel items one has to carry for instance the safari boots, insect repellents, sun jelly, sun glasses, hat or cap, travel map and also pain killers and antibiotics. The aforementioned items are very essential while traveling in Uganda as they will help one to have a very convenient travel procession in Uganda. So as a sole traveler going on a Uganda self-drive safari ensure that you pack these equipment.

Get a 4×4 vehicle

Uganda is a country with a very challenging terrain to drive on and furthermore most of the roads are marram and raged. Therefore a traveler is advised to get a four wheel driver which is made to maneuver through such roads like the ones in Uganda. So when you inquire from a car operator make sure you request for a 4×4 vehicle. For a sole traveler a Toyota rav4 would be condonable since it is economical both the rental price and fuel consumption.

Use highways while driving

When traveling in Uganda always use the main roads and fortunately enough all the national parks in Uganda have main roads that lead to them.  When a sole traveler uses the main roads he/she is likely to get to the destinations without losing his/her bearing. The main roads are also safer as there is enough security for the travelers. More to that in case of a car breakdown while using the main road it is easy to rescue the traveler.

Do not drive at night

Driving in the dark in unfamiliar places is very dangerous. Some roads of Uganda have potholes and also death spots if you are not familiar with them, you can easily land into trouble especially at night. It is best for a sole traveler to drive during day where he/she can visibly see whatever is on the road.

Be friendly

When traveling alone in Uganda, it is be friendly to the local people. This can be done by greeting them whoever you come across. Ugandans are very welcoming people especially when you greet them.  It is best for the traveler to be friendly in that if he/she gets a problem the locals always try to help out.



Low Cost Car Rental for a Stress-Free Uganda Vacation

Are you still looking for the car rental options that are available for your next vacation in Uganda? If yes then try to make the best planning and preparations. The best preparations can make you get the best travel services at a cheaper price. In Uganda, there are very many car companies with low cost car rental for a stress free vacation as you would have save some money from the car rental expenses. To help you out on this assignment, we have some crucial tips about Uganda car rental services to use to get the low car rental for a stress free Uganda vacation.

Book beforehand

Inquiring earlier about the car rental services from the company makes one have enough time to pull up the best car rental deal through negotiation. With the negotiations probably the car rental company will reduce the price of the rental car and you will save some money and in the end you will have a stress free Uganda vacation since you will not be restrained that much financially.

Shop around

Do not go by the first car rental company you find. It is best to inquire from many of them. These will give you different prices where you will choose the best price that will not comprise your travel budget. There are very many companies on the internet and sending an inquiry to them is as quick as a flash in no minute you are done. Laboring to inquire from many companies will always make you get low cost car rental services.

Look for car rental services from the internet

The internet is the best place to get car rental services with low cost since there is stiff competition. The car rental companies are very many and each is trying to beat its competition and one of the main strategy to do the latter is offering low prices. So why don’t you take advantage of the situation at internet and book the car rental services with low cost.

Long term rental

Long term reservation of the car comes with a low price. This is a very common trick from most car rental services in Uganda. The companies are always in position to give to their esteemed customers rental cars at a cheaper who reserve them for weekly, fortnight or monthly compared to those who rent for a few days. So as a traveler ensure that you reserve or book the car for more than a week so that you can get at a low cost to save some money.

Keeping your travel budget with your means will always give you a stress free vacation in Uganda and car rental services are one of the main expenses while traveling. So getting a low cost car rental services should be your top priority to save some money to cater for other travel expenses.

4 Tips to Choose Uganda Car Rental Services From Many

Car rental services have become so popular in the transport industry of Uganda. Many people who travel around Uganda both the locals and foreigners have turned to car rental services as a better transport option. Car rental services give travelers comfort, convenience, safety, value for money and also reliance. Most of these car rental services operate on the internet and there are over a thousand in Uganda as of now. Like in any business venture, there are good services and fake services and the onus is always on the customer to find the good services so that he/she can have a wonderful travel experience in Uganda.

The dilemma is that they are so many and sometimes the clients get confused on which particular services to use. So in this post we try to bring out the keys tips of one can at least get close to choosing good car rental services in Uganda from many

Look at the establishment and reputation of the car rental company

This is one of the very first tip to look at while choosing car rental services from many. To find out the company’s establishment and reputation, you need to read at their about us to know the year they came into business and also look at the comments/reviews that are written about the company by their former clients. A company with a firm establishment and reputation have enough experience to meet their customer needs.

Comprehensive insurance

Insurance is one of most key things travelers look at while hiring rental cars. They always want that protection for themselves in case of any damage that may happen while driving the car. The comprehensive insurance covers for third party policy and collision damage waiver which makes the client or driver less liable of any damage that may happen to the car. However, the comprehensive insurance does not cover for persons traveling in the car so as a traveler one has to get his own personal travel insurance.

Competitive price

Every customer is a rational being so it is every customer’s priority to choose car rental services that have friendly prices to his budget.  When you look at the many car rental services make sure that you choose from those with prices that will not restrain you.

Complementary services

There has to be something always extra to entice client to go with some service. There are some car rental additional services that are offered to travelers. As a client looking for car rental services choose a car rental company with complementary services like the gps, traveler’s map, baby seat and also travel book. The aforementioned services enhance the traveling experience of the client.

5 Best Things on Self Drive Safaris Uganda

Uganda is one of the top tourism destination in Africa and lots of people nowadays are resorting to exploring this pearl of Africa on their own. These expeditions are popularly known as self-drive safaris. Self-drive safaris in Uganda are the next big thing in the travel world since those who have engaged in them have had a memorable experience.  What travelers do in these expeditions is hire a car from a reputable company and traverse to the different national parks and other tourist places in Uganda.  The other travel and tour components are handled by themselves. Due to the advancement in technology, most of the travel information can be found on travel journals that help travelers to get the relevant content they need while traveling on their own thus making self-drive safaris much easier for them.

While on a self-drive safari Uganda, there are several interesting things you can encounter and also do. We bring to you the 5 best things on self-drive safaris Uganda;

One of the best thing to enjoy on a self-drive safari in Uganda is privacy and independence of travel. During self-drive safari, a traveler gets that freedom and private time to do things he/she would have thought of doing when alone. There is no need of putting up with a guide that can deprive of your freedom to enjoy yourself to the fullest as you are scared that he might take you for being something like crazy.

Self-drive safaris in Uganda come with great comfort of travelling. The 4×4 rental cars being offered for self-drive safaris have all the technological advancement that a traveler needs while traveling. These vehicles have enough space and soft seats to travel in a comfort way without any problem of back pain and paralyzed legs. These cars also have air conditioners to regulate temperatures while in the car and also food and drink handlers to enjoy your meals without any difficult.

Self-drive safaris makes travelers cover a wide range of attractions in Uganda. While self-driving the traveler has no strict itinerary to follow so he/she is able to discover lots of things in Uganda. Uganda is dubbed as the pearl of Africa this is a country with endless natural wonders to encounter. Uganda has half world’s total number of mountain gorillas that are found in Bwindi impenetrable national park. It also has the big five animals that is lions, rhinos, buffaloes, leopards and elephants which are one of the most sought after big mammals in the wild. It also has the source of the Nile arguably the longest river in the world. With all those aforementioned attraction, one can encounter them when one takes up a self-drive safari Uganda.

Self-drive safaris Uganda are one of the expeditions that give travelers a lifetime experience. It is more than adventures as it also bring fun and privacy to your safari expedition.



Car Rental Uganda-Tips to Handle Disgruntled Customers

Car renting business is a service delivery business where by one has to be at his/her best to attend and satisfy his/her clients. When you are dealing in car rental Uganda, you meet customers from different walks of life and the way you handle them matters. Some customers are easy goers while others are hard beings as they want everything in perfect shape yet in the service delivery business at times mistakes are made. The customers that are hard to handle when there is a problem when offering them the car rental services are normally caused disgruntled customers.  Handling a disgruntled customer is really a fragile and stressing situation for the operators as the operator has to find ways of making this customer come back to his/her cool before the worse gets to the worst.

So here are the tips to deal with disgruntled customers in car rental business Uganda

Keep calm.

When the customers horses are high as his/her attendant try to keep your cool. The burning fire can never be cooled down by fire but water. Try to remain in your normal state as you explain to the customer and eventually he/she will calm down to and progress with business.

Do not get personal

If the customer is mad at you about the rental car or any other inconvenience try not to get back at him/her. Try to hide your personal feelings or try to attack him/her verbally. Stay focused and explain to him/her of what went wrong.

Listen to the customer

When the customer complains about your car rental services, always listen to him/her digest what he/she is saying as you are making an eye contact and also making responses to show that you are clearly listen and trying to understand his/her complaint.

Empathize with the customer

As the customer explains his/her problem show that you understand where he/she is coming from to complain about your car rental service. Try to show that you are at fault and sympathize with him or her.

Solicit for an apology

When you try to show the customer that you understand the problem and where he/she comes from try to be apologetic. A statement of “I am sorry” should be made. The sorry statement is one of the way of trying to calm a person down.

Find a solution to the problem

Once you get to know things have gotten wrong about the car rental services, you should find a way to rectify the problem as soon as possible. The above tips will mean nothing if you do not find a solution to what caused the customer to get disgruntled.

Take time off

When the problem is solved, try to dispense yourself from the environment where the disgruntlement has occurred so that you can get to your normal state to move on.

Many people’s car rental businesses in Uganda have got bad reviews from customers due to the way they handled them when they were displeased with their services. So the above tips of how to handle a disgruntled customers can help them to get back on track.




4 Useful Driving Tips for Short Persons

Driving in Uganda is a very challenging experience due to a number of factors like ragged and pothole narrow roads and reckless road users.  It becomes harder for short people since it goes beyond the fore mentioned factors to even the driving technical factors as vehicles are made for people with moderate height.

Therefore short people are at a very high risk of getting problems while driving in Uganda and for that reason, here are some of the useful driving tips for short persons.

Adjust the driver seat

When short in stature, you have to find the right position for the driver seat. The seats are adjustable so you can move them from one position to another to get the best position for you to drive the car.

Sit high with cushion

When one puts a cushion in the driver seat in particular a short person, he/she will have a better position to drive the car as he/she is in the best position to hold the steering and also look around what is coming at the front and also behind through the mirrors. Always choose the perfect cushion size for your height as these may differ from size to size. Buying the wedged cushion is always the perfect thing to do as it is firm and does not move while seated on it.

Find your blind area

This is a very important tip. When short is commendable for you to discover where your vision of object stops while in the driver seat. This is done by making a friend move around the car as you look through the mirror to try to find where your vision stops. If you find any of your blind spots, try to mark them as they will help to ascertain where you will place the cushion in the driver seat.

Pedal extenders

Reaching the pedal areas is hard for persons of short stature. So if you cannot properly reach the brakes and the accelerator of the car. It is best for to inform the car rental company about your problem so that they can buy a pedal extender so that your foot can steadily have a firm stamp on the pedals. The extenders are very cheap and helpful but these vary in size so as person renting a car you have to contact the car rental company to get your size in advance. With that tip you can full control of the pedals which are one of the controllers used in driving.

As a car rental company Self Drive in Uganda tries to help its esteemed customers and would be customers to bring the best driving tips in Uganda so that a traveler can have a best experience in Uganda.

3 Remedies of How To Avoid Car Sickness On a Uganda Self Drive Expedition

Long distance driving comes with lots of challenges like car sickness that can really make your self drive in Uganda a bad experience. Car sickness is associated with signs of dizziness, exhaustion, and nausea and sometimes sweating. Car sickness does not occur to a certain group of people, it cross cuts amongst all people of different ages.

Car sickness is a very dangerous thing to happen to the driver as this can make him/her get an accident due to the discomfort and dizziness that can lead to him/her lose consciousness. In the end running over something like a car or getting off the road which eventually leading to an accident.

Therefore a driver has to find redeems of hot to avoid car sickness on a Uganda self-drive expedition in order to have a serene voyage hence having a wonderful travel experience in Uganda.

Here are the tips of how to avoid car sickness on a Uganda self drive experience;

Proper Ventilation is paramount

If the driver and passengers have a cool and an aerated environment, car sickness comes nowhere close to happening. It is always recommendable to open the windows of the car while traveling or at times turn on the air conditioner so that the people inside the car can have enough air to respire.   The best idea here is to point the direction of air conditioners towards you.

Good ventilation of the car makes the passengers and the driver to have fresh air in the car and also let out the bad odors that at times make breathing very hard as they intervene with the oxygen in the car environment.

Nap on Your Seat

Fatigue comes with lots discomfort in the body. So if you do not get enough rest and then get on the wheel, you are likely to accumulate fatigue which can lead to car sickness. Therefore it is commendable that you take enough rest before you get on a long distance journey or you should have an additional driver so that you can interchange while driving so that one can get a nap to get rid of the fatigue or tire.

Take the Front Seat

Car sickness occurs when the ear and the eyes have a mismatch of opinions. Going into the details, when a person is riding in the car, his eyes perceive that he is still in his position and nothing is moving whereas the inner ear feels the motion and thus a signal conflict occurs, which, in turn, leads to car sickness. But when you prefer sitting in the front seat, your eyes see that the road ahead of you is moving and so is your body feeling the motion.

This leads to a harmony between the eye and the ear signals, thus better chances of not developing on car sickness. An important fact to note here is that if you prefer driving your car, you would increase your chances of staying away from car sickness. It is recommended to look for driving tips to consider if you are vulnerable to car sickness.

Car sickness is very dangerous since it can lead to car accidents. Therefore it is of the traveler’s best interest to get to know the above three remedies of avoiding car sickness while on a Uganda self drive expedition.